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  1. Mugz

    Linux app on OS-X

    So, anyone try to install linux_base for emulation linux on OS-X??? For sample i want create Counter-Strike Source server at my Hackintosh...
  2. Please send Patch Solution v1.0a for Security Update 2006-001 to mixmugz@gmail.com
  3. Mugz

    Sleep trouble

    I have big trouble with sleep my computer in OS x 10.4.4 My monitor not waked up after i touched anything, keyboard, mouse or something...
  4. Mugz

    "Hardware" info missing?

    How you fixed?
  5. Mugz

    10.4.4 disk image

    Sorry. If you get me FTP sccess i upload it.
  6. Mugz

    lil trouble with 10.4.4

    So. Where the trouble?
  7. Mugz

    Questions about 10.4.4

    Nothing intresting about my problem
  8. Mugz

    lil trouble with 10.4.4

    so. Any ideas about resolve this trouble? 2errandwolfe: Can you past this topic message from terminal command "dmesg"???
  9. Did you know about Yukon drivers in 10.4.4???? See /System/Library/Extentions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins/ And my question: How i can enable micIn lineIn in Azalia/HDA based system?
  10. In system profiler i can't view Hardware Overview. This get me error gathering information/ Any ideas?
  11. Mugz

    10.4.4 disk image

    you joke? It's 2 Gigs LoL
  12. Mugz

    10.4.4 install success

    plese dont select anything or you can select only two things 1. additional fonts (for other language support) 2. x11
  13. Mugz

    10.4.4 disk image

    I create disk image from my installed OS-X 10.4.4 This is only for Intel CPU with SSE3 Tested with P5GD1-VM, P4P800 Success boot from USB HDD If you wish i cand send any FTP (pm me if you have, and you can create torren)
  14. Mugz

    10.4.4 install success

    This CPU have SSE3 and NX support... I use maxxuss patch and few kext from 10.4.3 instalations. Short instruction (HOW TO INSTALL) is below. --- Here are the steps that I took (besides destroying my 10.4.3 parition the first time around) Made 3 Partitions: 10.4.3 10.4.4 Backup 2. Installed 10.4.3 onto partition 1 3. Edited the files to allow me to install 10.4.4 4. Ran OSInstall.pkg and installed 10.4.4 onto partition 2 5. Copied Maxxuss patches (.3) onto partition 2 6. deleted mach_kernel and replaced it with the patched version 7. copied the following kexts for me: AppleAC97Audio AppleAzaliaAudio ApplePS2Controller IONetworkingFamily IOATAFamily 8. Terminal: sudo -s chown root:wheel /Volumes/10.4.4/mach_kernel chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/10.4.4/System/Library/Extensions/* chmod -R 755 /Volumes/10.4.4/System/Library/Extensions/* diskutil repairPermissions /Volumes/10.4.4 9. rebooted 10. booted off the 10.4.4 parition with "-x -v -s" 11. ran the fsck, umount commands 12. ran maxxuss replace.sh, but did not run adduser.sh and: kextcache -e -z -a i386 kextcache -k /System/Library/Extensions -z -a i386 13. rebooted 14. success 15. Darwine v.9.7 works perfectly as does Warcraft III: Frozen Throne SOFTWARE UPDATES WORK PERFECT!