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  1. Conexant HD Audio

    hi. just a short question: how do i create a dump like you did?
  2. hi. i had the following config: disk0s1: vista recover disk0s2: vista disk0s3: hfs+ (leo) so now i resized the vista partition in order to increase the leo partition: disk0s1: vista recover disk0s2: vista disk0s3: FREE disk0s4: hfs+ (leo) now my question is: can i join the free space to the leo partition, even if it is BEFORE leo?? (ironslave has similar problem - still unanswered)
  3. maybe you have to flag the vista partition as active/boot then the vista dvd should find it (at least that worked for me)
  4. Problem with booting Kalyway DVD

    question: is there a way of starting kalyway installion without the EFI support?? (boot parameter etc..) kalyway doesn't start, but the kalyway preparation disk (enjoy packet) does... strange...
  5. Problem with booting Kalyway DVD

    hi mostwanted. thanks a lot for your answer. I will check your steps with iAtkos right away. but I'm still wondering why the kalyway dvd doesn't boot (well at least doesn't reaches the installation part). it restarts automatically (with the error-message from above) even before the screen changes from the grey to the white font (know what i mean?)
  6. Hi everyone. I'm new to the OSx86 scene. I was tying to install Leopard 10.5.1 with the Kalyway release. Darwin is coming up, I pressed F8 and put '-v' and it starts loading a lot of stuff. After ~2min it shows the following message very fast (I made a video) and reboots immedeately: EFI enhanced bootloader build: ToH Using SMBIOS table found at 0x000f5600 I searched google and this forum for an answer and found out, that the Format & Bootable Leopard HD Image might help. But it didn't Before trying Kalyway I tried iAtkos. That relaese at least came into the installation, but afterwards it didn't wanted to boot. (Cursor flashing in the lower left corner). My Hardware ist a Intel P4 processor (supporting SSE2) and a ATA/IDE HD (I was wondering if (only) ATA works anyway.) Thanks.