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    Screen Resolution and 7mb of VRAM

    i have the same,the gt 730 dont work in siera .i use internal graphics and work fine. my system is msi h81 m- e34 i3 4330 8 gb ram
  2. alx21

    Success Stories

    γεια σας και απο μενα.μετα απο πολυ καιρο διαβασματος και ψαξιματος βρηκα το καταληλο συστημα για custom mac. MSI H81M-E34 i3 4330 ASUS GT 730 2G 320GB 8 GB RAM πρωτα εβαλα το el capitan kai δουλευε αψογα και αφου εμαθα οτι γινετε εγκατασταση και το siera τωρα ειμαι σε αυτο. το μονο προβλημα ειναι με την καρτα γραφικων που εχω καποια προβληματακια .θα δοκιμασω με την igpu .και βλεπουμε.
  3. I have the same video card but recognise 1024,why? about audio? are you ok?
  4. ghostraider sorry for my mistake i try to install el capitan. first i begin with clover correct? i run clover to install this Installer OS X el capitan Install for UEFI Booting only Install Clover in the ESP but miss from clover the app el capitan. here is screenshot
  5. hello,your guide is very good. i try to install el capitan via clover and when i run clover the first time to install Installer OS X Yosemite Install for UEFI Booting only Install Clover in the ESP the first choice isn't in clover.only 2,3,.the app is in application folder and clover is v2,3 r3793. plz some help. my specs. h81m-e34 i3 4330 asus gt force 730 8 ram 1336 320 gb hdd
  6. alx21

    Introduce yourself.

    thank you!!
  7. alx21

    Introduce yourself.

    hi my name is alex and i am from greece.i hope to build a nice machine with all of you in forum .c u arround.