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  1. Ok now I know what I did wrong with the script in general. It didn't copy any files over because I didn't cd to the folder first before running the script. I checked everything and the combojack script literally reverses everything the other one does except the AppleHDA.kext itself. Restored from the .old file and even tried to get a new one, both didn't work. The script does everything except removing codeccomander from clover (tried with and without it), restoring SSDT-ALC298.aml (you had to manually remove it in the first place) and changing the SSDT config file layout ID from 48 to 72 (I even tried 11 which is normally used for the ALC3266). I went over everything and undid everything AppleHDA_sysCL did and I am 99% certain that I did everything the ComboJack solution wants correctly. I have no idea why my audio is still not working D: edit: Ok I kinda gave up and just reinstalled everything. Fresh OS, I ran the ComboJack script and after a reboot audio was still working the folders for Headphone.icns and l10n.json did not exist though so I just created them myself. While audio quality is great I do not get the pop up or whatever is supposed to happen to make the combojack actually work. Right now I can only get sound.
  2. I successfully setup my XPS 15 9550 yesterday (i7, 16gb ram, 1080p non touch). I can see the battery % but no estimated time left. Besides that I tried to "fix" the working audio to hopefully improve audio quality and while I am at it make the combo jack work and hdmi audio. Didn't test them before though. I ran the script for "SysCL prepatched AppleHDA" and deleted the SSDT-ALC298.aml. Then I also run the VerbStub by KNNSpeed script (and did nothing else) and rebooted. I said "Just install using the install.sh" so I thought that is it. Of course at the bottom it also says that I have to copy over the "VerbStub.kext" which I just now saw. One reboot later and still no audio. Were I even supposed to run both "fixes"? What should I do now to get working audio back? I have no idea what exactly these scripts do and how to undo both of them. Also while I am at it how can I disable the SD card reader from within Mac OS? I want it to still work in Windows. edit: Currently the SD card is disabled in the BIOS but I am still fairly certain that I am losing battery life too fast compared to Windows. edit2: I use 10.15 beta 1. I also saw the "keyboard_de_DE.keylayout" file on github and placed it where it is supposed to be. How do I select this profile? "Syscontrol: Keyboard" probably means in the keyboard settings? I wasn't able to find it though. Besides that my backlight works fine (maybe a tiny bit of flickering at the lowest setting) but I think the highest brightness is a bit lower than in Windows, I could be wrong though. Would using "PatchAppleBacklight_v2" give me any benefit?
  3. The part about disabling the SD card reader got added after I installed Sierra so I didnt do it. I guess that is an easy fix and I can just turn it on again on the rare case that I need it I guess. Still dont understand why it would drain the battery so much. I will probably end up using a small usb wifi stick for OS X because I really like the intel wifi 8265 in windows, it works really well! I guess I will just reinstall OS X when high sierra is supported, thanks for your help.
  4. I installed Sierra on my XPS 15 9550 with an i7 6700hq, 512gb SSD (Toshiba) and a1080p screen. I followed this guide on 15. January 2017 and installed Sierra and barely used it until now. Are there any fixes or updates to this guide that I should do? Or am I just fine with my OS X install? And what exactly would I need to do? I have a few problems though but I am not sure if they can be fixed. First of all in Clover it doesnt automatically boot into an OS after a few seconds even though I configured it to do so. Besides that OS X failed to boot some of the times with a ntfs error and "failed to initialize graphics firmware..." which always worked after a reboot and didnt happen in the last few days when I started OS X again (as I said I pretty much didnt use it). Then there are a few smaller problems in OS X itself. First of all my intel wifi 8265 doesnt work (upgraded it myself to that one, my default one did actually work but its horrible in windows...9. Does anyone know a good small wifi stick that would work and that I can just let plugged in my laptop without bothering me? Besides that I am using AppleHDA which works perfectly fine but I tried to install voodooHDA before, didnt like it and uninstalled it but there is still the voodooHDA option in the settings which of course just gives back an error that it couldnt be found if I try to click it, how do I remove that? Last but not least I kinda dislike the touchpad driver because the mouse tends to jump between places while using it which really annoys me and I am pretty sure I use more battery in OS X compared to Windows and A LOT more if I just close the laptop (sounds like the wrong word but I dont know the correct english word for it) and let it stay like that for a few hours. I hope you guys can help me with my problems, thanks. edit: Nevermind booting into OS X still has some problems http://imgur.com/a/hgmzt and the audiojack does have some problems. It works just fine when I plug in my headphones for the first time but if I plug them out and in again the audio gets horrible until I reboot. edit2: yeah 20% battery in 45 minutes browsing seems a bit much compared to windows with the XPS 15 with full hd screen and bigger battery.