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  1. Hi I'm currently using the maxmem fix and using IDE. Are you saying that I can delete the JMicron.kext without any problems and then uncap my ram? I have a ga-ep35-ds3p motherboard and 6gb of ram. I thought I deleted the jmicron.text once and crashed but i might be mistaken. What should I do to use all of my ram?
  2. I found in another thread to add maxmem=3456 (maybe lower or higher depending on your gear) between <string></string> in your .com.apple.boot.plist - This DID solve the problem with my memory draining and crashing with certain programs. I think it's because of the specific programs not knowing how to handle 3.5gbs of ram and up with leopard yet? Anyway this will work untill hopefully an update fixes it. Just add that to the boot.plist, reboot and use those apps. Remove it to use full ram on native programs etc.
  3. I have 6gb of Kingston Valueram ddr2 667 on kalyway 10.5.2 vanilla....I crash whenever I run transmission or a torrent program when it resumes or rechecks for exsisting data. I can watch my memory drain and turn to inactive memory until it hits a certain point and I get a kernel panic... I havn't tried memmax yet or just running 2gb but I have tried every combination of slot positions and bios settings I can think of. I would prefer to run all 6gb of my ram, that's why i bought it. I'll report back if I have any success.
  4. Hey, I have Motherboard: GA-EP35-DS3P Revision 2.1 with the newest bios CPU: e8400 wolfdale RAM: 6gb ddr2 667mhz kingston GRAPHICS: xfx 256mb 8400gs Harddrives: 250gb Seagate PATA/IDE DVDRW:Random brand on PATA/IDE I have gotten kalyway and iatkos 10.5.1 to fully work with vanilla kernel and efi and patched to 10.5.2, kernel 9.2. Sound, Video, Sleep, Restart etc is all 100% working... BUT, Every time I use a program for torrents like "transmission", It crashes whenever I resume a download/when it checks for existing data. I'm using IStat Pro to monitor my ram and I watch it begin to drain down from around 5.37gb to around 2gb once data checking on "transmission" has begun. This results in a kernel panic every time! What's going on? If I pause transmission when it begins the data checking then my ram drainage stops too... Wierd! I've tried everything I can think of. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Everything is awesome besides this issue. Thanks in advance =) -TrickyC