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  1. After updating to 10.7.4 I no longer have working battery detection/lid close detection. At first when trying to use your AppleACPIPlatform patch it would fail, and apparently Pages was trying to open the log file afterwards. I removed iWork and then tried the patch again and it completed successfully, but the log said that it had already seen that it was patched. After restarting nothing has changed. Any thoughts?
  2. bcc9, Just wanted to thank you for your awesome tutorials. I have finally gotten my 1340 to suspend/resume, battery and everything working just fine with Lion. I just wanted to ask if these few things were normal or if there is something else I should do to squash them. -On resume from suspend sometimes the wifi (only the connection to the internet) fails. I can see wireless networks, and I can even connect to the default gateway interface to configure my router. (Tried on multiple different networks). In fact this is the first time it hasn't done this after resuming. -After resuming and trying to shut down it hangs, and repeats the line GUID invalid (somewhere along those lines. If you want I can get he exact line.) -Only once after using your patch for the CMOS reset I saw the reset happen again after booting. I'm not sure if it was just a one time fluke or if I have done something wrong. Again, thanks for all your help! I finally have a true "mac" for a fraction of the price. Thanks, triton
  3. I have yet to ever get Sleep/Resume to ever work on either SL or Lion. I have everything else working. What variations of each kexts are you using to get it to work?