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  1. Mac Keyboard on PC

    haha would love to have OSX on my PC, but i havnt got a clue where to start, haha, i dont even know where to get the files from, i dont use bittorrents slightly wary of those.
  2. Mac Keyboard on PC

    sorry, i probable wasn't being clear, i mean i would like the second functions of the F7-F12 to work in itunes and whatnot, eg the back, play pause, etc i want to make full use of this good looking keyboard thanks guys for reading this
  3. Hey people, i just bought my housemates old mac keyboard off of him, and i have windows XP, was wondering how i can get some of the keys to work, eg the F7 to F12 including the eject button, i downloaded the firmware .dmg file off of apples website and converted it, but i dont know what to do with it, it would be nice to have them all working, thanks your time, any help would be great help thank you!!!