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  1. zisqo

    Catalina 10.15(15A983) Disable SIP

    i think your account are not allow to accecss a root permit. so your apfs drive will not mount.
  2. zisqo

    Catalina 10.15(15A983) Disable SIP

    covert your partition from hfs to apfs : )
  3. Version 1.0.0


    hi i'm zisqo, who's naughty at InsanelyMac discord channel. writing Korean manuals for the opencore bootloader and spreading the guide to Korea. btw this application will be easy to disable SIP, but just once at one time. (enabled SIP if reboot) 1. run Disable SIP application 2. allow terminal control 3. enter your system password 4. now you can add / delete / modify files at S/L/E and L/E on Read Only APFS Partition have good luck. if you gotta any question just visit a Insanely Discord https://sixflow.kr (for korean users)
  4. zisqo

    OpenCore Discussion

    there are good enough for 2 options and other options better to remove but don't worry because of working fine. trust me. 1. PCI00 to PCI0 2. LPC0 to LPCB so start up without BT's ssdt and inject a PciRoot id and device properties in DeviceProperties. the Hackintool will export that information to plist file. : )
  5. zisqo

    OpenCore Discussion

    where is file location of ._contentDetails?
  6. zisqo

    OpenCore Discussion

    already copy a bootchimedxe.efi to efi/oc/drivers folder but some delay(2-3secs) when i saw a apple logo and no sound play even plug a spk at internal speaker or lint out port
  7. zisqo

    OpenCore Discussion

    i was downloaded from https://github.com/Goldfish64/AudioPkg but doesn't working. Asus X299 TUF Mk1 i7-7800X AMD Radeon VII OC 0.0.4 (08032019_014528.zip)