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  1. GameGuy360

    WUSB54G v4 and Snow Leopard

    Hey guys, I just installed Snow Leopard and want to use it as my main OS. Only problem is I have no idea how I can get my wireless network adapter (Linksys WUSB54G v4) to work. I've followed this tutorial and it doesn't work for me. I tried just running the installer and I tried installing it how people do on Leopard. But I just can't get it to work. System profiler shows it but the Ralink USB Device Utility always shows no device. Can someone please help me? I really want to use OS X.
  2. GameGuy360

    Installed Kalyway - Want an iMac

    We don't want your spam.
  3. GameGuy360

    Are themes safe?

    Wow, it's a pretty cool app. Thanks!
  4. GameGuy360

    Are themes safe?

    I just got Leopard working today and just want to be careful with stuff like this so i don't have to reinstall. I want to install this theme: http://katsu3477.deviantart.com/art/Soliq-...-beta-116967122 is it safe to install it on a hackintosh running iPc 10.5.6?
  5. So i finally got leopard up and running but when i went to system profiler i noticed it's called a "system product name" instead of something like a mac pro or hackintosh. Is there any safe way of changing the system name?
  6. GameGuy360

    About this Mac Graphics

    Well i made this for myself but you're obviously free to use it aswell. Black text (for default about this mac): MacOSXblack.tif White text (for hud about this mac): MacOSXwhite.tif
  7. Not so important stuff: So here's my problem, i noticed today that i had an old hdd in my pc unplugged. I booted it up to see what was on it and found a previous OS X install that i did awhile back that i thought failed. It worked perfectly but i wanted to install some grahpics drivers but failed and screwed up the whole system. Important stuff: Now i'm trying to do a fresh install with the same disc, i know it's possible because of the previous installation but everytime i try to boot off of the DVD i get the grey apple start up screen. That will load for about a minute and will get the grey cancel sign. I'm not using any start up options but i can't really remember anything about osx86, are there any start up options i'm supposed to be using? Any help would be great. Here's the symbol i'm talking about, but it's grey and over the apple logo: Here are some my specs if it helps: Mobo: ASUS P5Q SE2 CPU: Intel E7300 Core 2 Duo 2.66ghz GPU: PNY nVidia Geforce 9800 GT 1GB
  8. like the title says my usb keyboard does not work after i shut down my hackintosh for the first time, can someone please help?
  9. GameGuy360

    OMFG...help plz?

    i installed this stupid app called kameleon hoping to get a theme. so i downloaded a theme for it, applied it, logged off, logged back in...and now i can only see a blue screen and quick glimpses of my cursor if i move it really fast. i can press F12 and the drive will open and if i press print sc i can here the snapshot sound so i think it's possible to fix, does anybody know how? (any help is really appreciated)
  10. GameGuy360

    Whats your fav screensaver?

    Time Machine screensaver and the Multithemes X-Galaxy screensaver are my favorites.
  11. like the title says my keyboard doesn't work after i shutdown osx. i got it to work yesterday by unplugging my hard drive and plugging it back in but that trick apparently doesn't work anymore. can someone please help me? edit: i am using a usb keyboard and kalyway's 10.5.1 updated to 10.5.4.
  12. GameGuy360

    [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    My PS/2 keyboard doesn't work anymore
  13. GameGuy360

    [How to] Install 10.5.2 Update [TUTORIAL]

    This better work....I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!!!!
  14. GameGuy360

    The perfect "off the shelf" Computer for OSX?

    I using a HP DX2300: http://www.buytech.com/p-468907-hp-busines...top-dx2300.aspx Leopard runs perfectly on it, i upgraded the video card to a geforce 6200 and the ram to 1.5gb though.