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  1. Looks like with the latest stuff USB 2.0 will no longer wake with keyboard/mouse. USB 3.0 still instant-wakes with any device plugged into it. Might have to live with it.
  2. Will do first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks for the assistance.
  3. I don't see any options for BIOS USB Wake. Very bizarre that only the USB 3.0 ports exhibit the behavior.
  4. Hmm when I set "DropOEM" I get a "crossed circle" and unsuccessful boot.
  5. New DSDT placed, Rebooted, Wake Reason: XHC Here's IOREG from right now Casey’s iMac.zip
  6. Before your zip I played with some bios settings, now I'm down to: Wake Reason: XHC (this was by adding FixUSB_1000) I applied the clover update and placed the Clover folder - the display now does not wake up (which I had resolved by using darkwake=0) In pmset -g log I see: DarkWake from normal Sleep [ CDNP ] due to XHC/: Using AC
  7. Hello, I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to correct this issue. When devices are plugged into usb 2.0 ports, sleep works correctly. When the same devices are plugged into usb 3.0 ports, the computer "instant wakes" after falling asleep. I have the following: Motherboard: SuperMicro c7z97-oce (Z97 Express chipset) CPU: i5-4570S Ram: 16gb ddr3 Video Card: Nvidia 950 Attached are some relevant files to help figure out the issue. Appreciate any leads! Send me Casey’s iMac.zip CLOVER.zip
  8. Heh, this is true. They are quality pieces though.
  9. Step1: Get a power cord Step2: Cut power cord with scissors to the desired length Step3: Solder the 3 wires from the cut power cord to the IEC socket receptacle you bought. Step4: Plug your jumper cord into your power supply inside the case
  10. I cut a power cord so there is a short "jumper" that plugs into the power supply. The short stock standoffs are perfect height to hold up the motherboard tray! I popped the long ones out with pliers. I used the stock motherboard screws to bolt the mountain mods tray to the stock short standoffs in the case. My case uses NO glue or epoxy or any other "ductape mods".
  11. How much would you pay for one? I'd consider selling the mountain mods one in this thread for the right price.
  12. I had an old case that I cut them off of.
  13. FPAudio does not work because of the sense issue. I dont really care though because I never use that port. Here's the diagram pack I used: Link
  14. I bought my G5 as a complete computer so I cut the stock front panel harness in half. The sleeving came on the powersupply already so I have not actually had to buy any. I'd look on eBay though.
  15. meltman

    G5 Casemod (Question)

    Why do you have fans placed where no air will flow? The fans wont move any air the way you have them.