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  1. Right now its a ATI X1300 Pro... I will be replacing it in the next few weeks though
  2. anyone else have this issue???
  3. I am not able to select any of the screen savers under the Pictures drop down. I get any error saying "Cant load screen saver" "Error: Cant load bundle" Anyone else have this issue?
  4. So setting up a Raid thru the Mobo wont work. I need to set it up thru Disk Utility to get it to properly see the drives as a set, correct?
  5. I did do a search and the first 4 or 5 pages were all related to changing SATA/RAID settings to ACHI during an install. Right now my 2 - 150gb drives are setup for a raid thru the Mobo and for some reason OSx sees the two seperate drives not just then Raid set.
  6. I have 2 sets or identical drives... 2 - 150gb WD's that I want to put my OS on and 2 - 620gb WD's that I want to use as my multimedia drive. My mother board does RAID 0,1,5 and 10... now I noticed in Disk Utility I can set up Raid also. For my OSx86 MAC whats the best way to setup the Raid, thru the Mobo or thru Disk Utility?
  7. codeblue2k

    Whats your fav screensaver?

    Whats the best photo screen saver? Everything that I seem to find online seems kind of lacking. I would love a good screen saver that displayed my photos nicely
  8. codeblue2k

    Whats your fav screensaver?

    Where would I get them at?
  9. Im brand spanking new to the MAC and im looking for a good screen saver. Since I built a OSx86 hackintosh I havent upgraded my video card are Flurry is pretty choppy. I would love to hear what your fav ones are.
  10. codeblue2k

    Screen Saver, Monitor Sleep and Raid

    Anyone had any ideas???
  11. Hey all, So I just got OSx86 installed for the first time and so far I love it. I have a few minor issues that I would love to get resolved if possible. But before I get to those here is a little info on my setup: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R Intel Core 2Duo 2.52 Wolfdale ATI X1300 KalyWay 10.5.2 updated to 10.5.4 So now to my issues 1) I have 3 hard drives in my machine, all are SATA. Now two of them are setup with a mirrored raid thru the motherboard. Now for some reason my MAC sees the drives as two separate drives from time to time. Some times it sees just one or it sees the Raid and shows only one. Im not sure whats going on. Anyone have any ideas? 2)I have the screen saver Flurry setup to come on. But when it does its horribly choppy. I installed the NatitX1300.r1v1.Installer package that helped with my resolution issue. But the screen saver is still choppy. 3)Finally kind of related to number 2, after having the screen saver issues I just decided to have then monitor go to sleep. But that dosent happen. But here is the weird thing. When I walk in to the room you still see the desktop as normal, but then when you touch the mouse the screen finally goes to sleep for a few seconds. Then it comes right back. I would say that im really excited with the way the install is going with the exception of the minor issued issued stated above. Thanks for any help!
  12. Im having this same issue and want to give this a try but in not quite sure what he means by "Ffter root type: mount -uw /" I hit F8, typed -v and then the windows installed loaded as normal. Is that what is supposed to happen?
  13. So I am considering getting an Apple TV. I considered building a MythTV box, but was unconvinced I would be able to get the hardware to work as it should. So here is what im hoping to be able to do with an Apple TV. 1) Can 2 computers share the Library: I have a desktop and a laptop that I would like to keep synced. Can this be done 2) Play Divix and Xvid movies: I know that this can be done with a little hacking. But most of the How-tos that I have read are geared toward doing it with a MAC, which leads me to my next question. 3) Do I need a Mac? I currently only have Windows machines
  14. codeblue2k

    What barebone Systems with work?

    Ill give that a shot.. Thanks!