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  1. Install method: Kalyway Leopard 10.5.1 Prebuild: No Using GUID Manufacturer: Dell Model: SC430 server Chipset: Intel 7230 BIOS A04 Audio: USB audio working LAN: working out of the box Wireless: DLINK D122 working perfect CPU Model Number: D960 Recognised as: 3.6 GHz Memory/DDR: 2.5 GB DDRII 533 ECC Video Manufacturer: ASUS Model: Radeon EAX 1800 XT Bus Type: PCIe x4 Memory size: 512 MB Dual screen: not tested QE/CI: yes! Resolution changeable? yes Patch: 1950XT V2.0 SATA/IDE working: YES
  2. X700 and other PCIE ATI Radeon finally work

    Mine is DELL SC430 with x850xt crossfire running on 4X PCIE slot with Device ID: 525D It works perfectly! Mind you all when you have done the hex hack and the text edit of the plist file, just go to to system/library and delete the two kext cache files. Reboot your machine it will reload the kext. Then you done! good luck.
  3. It's an 14" T43P 1400*1050 version 2668OCV mobility v3200 device ID:3154
  4. Hi, VoRTeX15O Thanks for the post and I got my CI QE working on my T43p with 1400*1050 resolution. I have the same ID 3154 too. But should the hack be 3d 54 31 00 00 according to the YYXX rule? It should be because I got it working only with the "3d 54 31 00 00" replacement. However, I got severe artifact when I grasp a window and move. Looks like old day television without signal. When I change to "system graphics", it's gone. Did I miss something else? Can anybody make me even happier without the artifact? Thanks.