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  1. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    I have tried all the obvious fixes, even if they're actually meant to fix other problems. Recovery with F4 does nothing, wiping the partition and reinstalling does nothing. If I set the VISTA (not XP, guys) partition back to active, it boots with no problems. Also I think (but am not sure) that Vista doesn't have a boot.ini anymore. I'm kinda stumped here. Anyone multibooting OSx86 with Vista or W7 around here? Cause I don't know if it's an NC10 issue, or something general.
  2. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    No, of course not! Five or so (and the current, too) were for a pal.
  3. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hey guys, I haven't been posting a lot, but I'm reading the thread every day. I stumbled upon an installation problem yesterday which I haven't been able to resolve since. And this is my 25th or so install - all others worked perfectly. Hardware: Stock German NC10, stock WiFi (don't need airport... yet), 2GB Situation: 3 Partitions - 1. Vista, 2. OSX, 3. Data (fat32) Install Source: Complete 10.5.6 ISO from shragle, installed from a bootable USB-Stick, MD5 checks out Process: -So I start the installation onto the second partition (primary, no letter assigned in Vista) -Full installation runs smoothly -after installation finishes and nc10 restarts i get a blank screen that says: "boot1: error" I've checked the dirve in Gparted - all partitions are well and intact. I've searched the forum and web as good as i could, but didn't find zilch. I'll keep looking, but maybe on eof you has a quick 'n dirty answer for me.
  4. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    It absolutely makes sense. But I've never heard of WOL for Wifi on a Mac. Or did you mean ethernet? I'll browse the modules a little, maybe something will turn up...
  5. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Okay, last post today: I guess we can rule out the Bluetooth module as the culprit for the "immediate wake from sleep on AC power" problem. The German revision of the machine has no BT, but has the same issues.
  6. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    I got a PM from Shem, who has found a workaround for the problem, but didn't manage to find a workaround to posting to the forum. I'll repost his PM here: Thanks, Shem, I'll try it out right away! *** UPDATE *** It works well. But it's a circumvention of the problem, not a solution. Mysticus, what would you need from me to figure this out?
  7. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    It's still there! I redid everything now - zeroed out the internal hdd (apart from the 30gb XP partition), repartitioned it according to your scheme, made a installer partition with ddmac, changed all the relevant files & entries, BIOS is as ist should be - but after I install to the OSX 1 partition (it all works) and reboot, it loops again. I'm in Germany, using the local bluetooth-less white NC10, all stock. Installation from external HD works great. Is there anything I missed when installing from the internal HDD? Can someone maybe confirm the sequence of steps for me?
  8. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    "do you have another osx partition with any created accounts?" In fact I do, but I never thought this might be an issue.. is it just one of those mysterious bugs, or is there some sense behind it? Well, I guess I'll never know, cause I'm erasing and reinstalling it all. The installation from the internal HDD partition ist so beautifully fast, this should be the standard way of doing it - anyone can spare 4,4 GB just to have spre startup disk sitting there. I'll report back if the problem seems to be persistent. I've browsed the MSI forums too to find if that ever happened to anyone, but found nothing.
  9. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Right. I guess I was too busy thinking about complex partitioning schemes to think of the simpler solutions. Will try it out right now. Thanks! *** UPDATE: *** Nope. Didn't work. Couldn't, because this is even before any users have been set up, so I guess there's nowhere to quit to. Thanks for the idea, though.
  10. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Hey guys, everything works fine for me so far. But I seem to be mising something when trying out the install from a partition of the internal HDD (done with ddmac). The installation works just fine, I reactivate the XP main partition and restart on the OSX 1 partition. Everything boots fine, the intro movie plays, I'm asked what country I'm in, what keyboard layout I want to use. But then OSX asks me if I'd like to import any data from another account, a drive, or not at all. No matter which option I choose, I get a colorful ball of death for about a minute, and then the intro movie starts from the beginning. Nothing crashes, the whole thing just loops. I presume that the OSX 1 System wants to read from the install disc, but can't find it (I have no way of knowing, just a thought). md5 checked out on all images. Any thoughts or pointers to threads I should check out? I'm willing to learn.
  11. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Okay, I'm starting now. What do we use? Kalyway?
  12. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Yay! Thank you!
  13. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Okay, I've watched a movie. Now what?
  14. Samsung NC10 UK revision

    Ah, I was hoping that there'd be a way for me to return the favor of your wisdom: I've already tried the NC10, both in Ubuntu and XP, with a 7200 RPM Drive. I didn't like it. Why? Two problems, a small one and a big one: Small problem: The battery time projection drops, noticeably. About 15%. This was true for both OS, so I guess it'll be accurate. Big Problem: VIBRATIONS. the way the HD is mounted inside the NC10, all the vibrations are directly transferred to the plastic-fantastic case, which resonates quite well with 7200 RPM. I didn't see a way to dampen that, since the stock vibration pads are placed quite well. And @ 1,6 GHz I didn't see much of an improvement in speed with the faster drive, but that's just my personal opinion. So from experience - save the fast HD. I'm back on the stock drive. SSD would be another story...