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  1. Well, Kernels in Sonotone's Dell's Post installer are for Core Duo Processors which dive graphic shuttering and before could utilize only one core. (Most Core 2 Duo don't have such a problem) If you don't have that problem you don't need it. )) To backup your kernel you can use OSX86Tools. )) And Broadcom does glitch once in a wile in hackintosh. For some people it does more often for some rarely (I had it glitch only once or twice) )) I don't think there is a solution.
  2. No, no, no. It has been said many times. The only thing is editing ATIinject by adding there your vendor id. BUT there comes the graphic shattering (You can get rid of mouse artifacts) and forget about native resolution. In one word - ugly. The only way to get it up and running is to use it with external display and natit ))) Then it works awesome, but not for lappie screen, trust me I tried so many possible solutions. Finally I just bought nVidia card and replaced the ATI, its not to hard to do and costs only about 40 bucks ))
  3. Did you try jaysonz kext? http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...amp;start=1700# ? Or what did u try?
  4. hm, I never had that problem with iAktos v4i build, where I had it working at install. Maybe it varies from computer to computer.
  5. nope expose doesn't help, changing resolutions though, does. Here is the link to fix for those who are interested http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry759663, the problem is that it has some screen flickering (which I hate). So I prefer not to use it. I'm sure there should be simple and nice solution to this problem (guys like superhai or np_ could fix it, but I have no idea even were to start, though I have time to experiment). Can someone list me pros and cons of using 132 method compared to regular Kalyway/iAtkos please?
  6. Well, I have 7300 GS and I already looked for the problem. As you know the problem is not with the sleep (because if you press Fn + Esc then you go to sleep, and wake up with your screen back. The problem is with display sleep. Nobody could help with the issue. I guess most people just deactivated sleep in Preferences and went to sleep manually. The problem I guess is not really with videocard itself cuz I can get display sleep on my external monitor. My guess would be that the problem is with our laptop display communicating with system. There were some notices that display sleep worked with kext by np_ called Laptop Display (the early version of which is attached to first post) which is logical since that kext was designed to utilize laptop display better. but np_ halted that project for now and removed all attached files from that forum. P.S there is a work around i read somewhere that plays with changing resolution back and forth to get the display back ))
  7. Did u even try to read the guide on first page? There is passage there that talks how to install .kext. This one is simple you just - 1) Copy original AppleHDA (just in case) 2) Delete original in extensions folder. 3) Drop new one 4) In Terminal type sudo -s, type in your password. Type chmod -R 755 drag kext to terminal window, press enter. Type chown -R root:wheel , drag kext to terminal window, press enter 5) Exit, you don't even have to clear cashes, just reboot. 6) Take time to read first post.)) Edit 1: If you don't have HDAEnabler.kext then you should get it and go with it through 3-4 steps )) Now it's easy. Instal mac os, use sonotone's installer, copy this kext and you are done. You can guess by the length of this post that it was a long way to this. I'm so thankful to you guys who made dell hakintosh perfect!!!
  8. I don't know about 9400 but on my 6400 (which is a lot similar, just 15") the easiest way was just to instal frm iAtkos v4 to get 10.5.4, without any problems and time waste. So far evrything works perfectly except display sleep )))
  9. AWESOME!!!! Well I had the same error as some ppl. When Vmware would recognize real windows partition as boot camp partition, but would not load it, saying - No Bootable Device was detected. So I 1. Deleted Vmware using AppZapper (otherwise it would keep the boot camp partition as it had) 2. Went through the steps of this guide. (Main thing is not to turn on vmware before flaging needed partition active) 3. And now all works perfectly with Vmware 2, and Windows XP SP 3 ))) Yeah!!!!
  10. Microsoft LifeCam VX6000

    I find this as the most universal opensource driver set for web cams on mac os http://webcam-osx.sourceforge.net/index.html
  11. Unfortunatly I don't know anything about working with HDA kext, but here is what i noticed on my Inspirion. If I hook up headphones into mic port and talk in-to them like a mic (i know sounds funny) then i get normal input. Try if it is the same for you. I guess the problem is with the pin matching. Hope this helps. ))) Meanwhile I talk into my headphones ))) P.S I'm sure tbcarey or jaysonz can fix this if they would like to )
  12. WoW you made my day ))) Now my sound is the way it should be ))) Sweet. Here is my little project. Though it was much easier to do. Here is Ukrainian keyboard layout as it is on PCs. I love MACs, but Ukrainian keyboard layout doesn't make any sense, sorry. I don't think there are many people from Ukraine who read this topic though. Sonotone, you're welcome to add it to the list of layouts you have in your Dell-installer, if you'd like to. ))) Ukrainian_PC.zip
  13. Hello, I'm inches away to be totally satisfied with my Hackintosh Dell E1505. Thannx to Sonotone for his installer package. Did anyone get the speakers work together with mute and headphone detection?