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  1. How about USB support? I got Lion installed, with correct DSDT, but "EHCI controller unable to take control from BIOS" So basically no USB mass-storage support, and the EHCI driver is not loaded correctly (but mice & keyboards work.) Also the RTC seem to be off, the clock slows down by about 30 minutes after a few hours. THe rest are fine, use the old school enablers for gfx, the realtek ethernet driver port. EDIT: Did I say anything about my config? i5-750 stock with Gigabyte P55-US3L. Works perfectly with SL.
  2. SP1950

    SMC Monitor

    You didn't go through the menus in the tool, did you?
  3. SP1950

    SMC Monitor

    THank you so much for such a useful utility! I do have some questions relating to the CPU frequency. I have an i5-750 CPU on 10.6.6 in 64bit. I can see that speedstep is working, but the frequencies are "different" from the actual ones. The are just not the ones from the C/P-state table accessed from the menu. So what exactly does the values in the main window mean? Plus I should have the turbo boost thing for my processor, but from the tables I can't find cant freq higher than the non-turbo max (2.67 GHz)
  4. SP1950

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    thanks for the tip , but my snow leopard is still not working i tried creating the extensions.mkext in both /s/l/ and /s/l/caches/com.apple.kext.caches/startup, but still no luck for me the ing thing just still creates its own mkext at boot (already skip the -f flag), ignoring what i had made it is the same kp, and i have no clue on the problem at all i guess i should wait for the september release, get an upgrade dvd and try again and is there anyone with an atom netbook got snow leo running?
  5. SP1950

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    this is the kp i get with -v -f -legacy and cpus=1 for atom what's wrong with my installation? i tried 3 times already on both int and ext hd, and both mbr & gpt partitioning thanks
  6. SP1950

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    i actually followed this guide since my 1st attempt but all i got now is kp... perhaps atom cannot use vanilla kernel anymore? (just a guess)
  7. SP1950

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

    please post your guide asap! i only get endless kp on my aspire one with atom too... already added dsmos, disabler but no avail. and how did you install onto a ext hd? i could do so for leopard before but this time my partition stays at "owners disabled", so i can't even add kexts properly.
  8. hi i am using an acer aspire one and i cannot find the scope thing either. can you try to patch it for me please? any help will be appreciated! thank you! AspireOne.zip
  9. SP1950

    S-ATA & IOKitWait timeout...

    thanks!!!! you are a lifesaver!!! even though my rig still hangs at applenforceata, it's good see the desktop one minute earlier than usual!!!
  10. SP1950

    ATI SB400 AC97 Repost Request

    hi everyone, i am using the stupid SB400 Audio 1002:4370 and i just could get it work ONCE (literally once because it worked during the boot after the first kext installation ONLY) is there anything i can do to get it work for the second time? i tried every ac97 kexts & even the generic azalia one, but still no luck. any kind of help would be appreciated. thanks:) quick spec: ati sb400 mb 1002:4370 audio using 10.5.5
  11. SP1950

    Private alpha test of Voodoo 9.5 Kernel

    ---------- CPUID START ---------- CPUID: Basic Leaves: CPUID: 00000000: eax = 00000001, ebx = 68747541, ecx = 444d4163, edx = 69746e65 CPUID: 00000001: eax = 00060fb1, ebx = 01020800, ecx = 00002001, edx = 178bfbff CPUID: 00000002: eax = 00000000, ebx = 00000000, ecx = 00000000, edx = 00000000 CPUID: 00000003: eax = 00000000, ebx = 00000000, ecx = 00000000, edx = 00000000 CPUID: 00000004: eax = 00000000, ebx = 00000000, ecx = 00000000, edx = 00000000 CPUID: Extended leaves: CPUID: 80000000: eax = 80000018, ebx = 68747541, ecx = 444d4163, edx = 69746e65 CPUID: 80000001: eax = 00060fb1, ebx = 000008cb, ecx = 0000011f, edx = ebd3fbff CPUID: 80000002: eax = 20444d41, ebx = 6c687441, ecx = 74286e6f, edx = 3620296d CPUID: 80000003: eax = 32582034, ebx = 61754420, ecx = 6f43206c, edx = 50206572 CPUID: 80000004: eax = 65636f72, ebx = 726f7373, ecx = 30363320, edx = 00002b30 CPUID: MSR : 0xa0b020b ----------- CPUID END ----------- FSB:250MHz CPU Freq: 2375MHz Running a13 9.5.0 kernel on nforce chipset audio stutters and clock drifts a new beta would be appreciated! thanks!
  12. SP1950

    NVIDIA ALC883?

    Hi everyone, I am using the onboard HDA as the sound card. The id is 03f010de. It should be an ALC883 produced by NVIDIA. I once got the sound working (in the last installation), but when I reinstalled the Leopard few days ago, I just can't get the audio working. I used the 883 kexts from wiki.taruga.net, but no hope. I had even delete all other PCI IDs except mine from the plists in the ALCinject.kext & the plugins in AppleHDA.kext, but the thing is still not working. I can see both kexts are loaded in startup, but the ALCInject had something like {data not shown}. Is this the reason why I can't get it working? Any kind of help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. SP1950

    NForce SATA Controller

    Hi MeDevil, thanks for your test release! my sata dvd can read the dvd&cds now... dvdrw can be erased, but i cannot burn any cd/dvd... my spec: amd 64 x2 3600+ (2.42GHz) 2G DDR2 nForce 405 HD: seagate 10gb ide (leopard) wd 500gb sata (windows & files) DVD: ASUS DRW-1814BLT Zeph's 10.5.2 with all updates 9.2.0 kernel (from dvd) efi mbr thanks!
  14. i have the same drive, almost the same chipset (nforce 405) and same problem!!! but i am using zeph's 10.5.2. please help us! i saw my dvd drive (disk2) in disk util, but it cannot be unmounted (yeah, it shows unmount on the button) thanks:)
  15. thanks for your guide first! i got the leo installed, but my comp reboots after running the above cmd... how can i fix it? thanks