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  1. Linux vs. OS X

    I choose OSX. Linux is great but it hasn't got the real juice: photoshop, dreamweaver,... Those apps are immense important for the majority. I would like to have a linux distro, but I couldn't live without a second OS. And that's the biggest reason why there aren't more Linux-adepts. That's a pity because Linux is a great OS.
  2. 10.4.4 Security Broken

    Seems like you are the one who can't read. I say "unhackable" wich means as much as what you're trying to say. Damn it's hard to read...
  3. 10.4.4 Security Broken

    I don't think Apple has put all her efforts in this. I think that the next OS release 10.5 will be the one that is "unhackable".
  4. Yips After the storm has passed (announcement of the first Intel products) I would like to know your opinions about the switch Apple has made in May last year. Do you think this was is a positive (and maybe necessary) development or not? I'm talking only about the processors, not about the market share. Purely processors: Intel vs. PPC. Is the Intel one (or maybe later AMD) a improvement? I'm talking about processor structure (RISC - CISC), performances and performance per watt (which is very popular right now). I'm excited to know your opinions! Greetz
  5. The pro line is indeed great, nothing else can compete with it, but I don't agree with what you say about iLife. I think it's a great applications set. iTunes The best music managing software around for both Mac (OSX) and Windows. Nothing more to add, I think the majority agrees with that. iMovie This is a nice app if you want to make dvd of your trips and holidays, at least I do. For the most consumers (not pros) it's great because you don't need to know technical stuff to edit movies. It's plain and simple! And that's what Apple is all about: simplicity. iDvd This is the finishing touch for iMovie. Same as iMovie: plain and simple. Concerning iMovie & iDvd: the first time I used I had no questions or problems at all. Do you think another app can do the same for you? iChat I've never used it because it's not compatible with msn. I don't care if it's installed or not, I delete from the dock and that's it. Garageband Same as iChat
  6. Apple should sell OSx86

    So you don't think they will close their hardware dept? But isn't Apple focusing on some other (more important) things now?
  7. Apple should sell OSx86

    Yes I'm an OSX user but I really don't care on what pc it runs. If Apple would license their OS then I wouldn't mind to buy a "grey box" if it's cheaper. But I just like the designs. But it's not worth it. And I think it's a very big question. Because when they will stop their hardware department it means that they will focus on other things: software (OSX, iTunes,...) and gadgets (iPod, Media Center,...). Everybody knows Jobs wants that Apple will be the central thing in the homes of consumers.
  8. Apple should sell OSx86

    First, what does EFI mean? Second, don't you think that if Apple would sell their OS that the hardware department will lose money and finally will be closed?