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  1. What chipset is the wired network card? like it says on the first page of this thread, if its the 59xx there's just no working driver yet. For the wireless intel 2100 you can try this http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/ , the site says it supports it (although I have not tried it myself)
  2. nice, i got the sleep kernel to load but when I put it to sleep, it just automatically wakes up without me hitting any keys lol. i guess back to vanilla! weird thing though, after I replaced the AppleSMBIOS and the power.bundle now my sound doesnt work, any idea why that would happen?
  3. Thanks for the reply! When using different kernels, what location should I be saving them to on my osx volume? just root / ? I have never used that option cpus=1, what is the function of this?
  4. First i have to thank macgirl (and everyone else!) for this thread, it's been a tremendous help! I just have a couple questions.. First, macgirl I see you mention that you can boot to either the speedstep OR the vanilla kernel. how are you doing this? I want to try to the speedstep kernel but I'd like to have the option of going back to the vanilla incase the speedstep kernel panics or bricks my install. Secondly, from reading this thread it seems you can have either sleep OR speedstep, but not both. is this true? if so are there major differences in battery life when not using the speedstep kernel? I have an M1330 w/ a 9 cell battery. I'm tripple booting ubuntu / XP / osx 10.5.2 with grub currently, if that helps.
  5. i think you guys are working very hard without need.. I did the update outlined by netkas (same as this thread), although it works fine, there is no need for all this at this point. Just look in the usual places for the kalyway 10.5.2 combo update and kalyway kernel as other people have suggested here, they are both install packages that do not require any backing up of kext or having to SUDO, run scrips, F8 -x -r.. etc You should backup anyways; in fact you should have atleast one time-machine backup before trying just in case Run the combo update first, reboot, install kernel update package, reboot and you're set. Worked flawlessly for me. P5E / Core 2 Duo 3ghz / onboard 'supremeFX2' audio/ 4GB DDR2 ram / original install was kalyway 10.5.1 prior to update.
  6. hey thanks for the reply! I did a re-install and picked the AD988B from the customize menu right before install (when you select the patch and so on) and that worked fine. Quick question, I have a GTX 8800 with 768 vram, but it only shows 256 in "about this mac".. any idea how to make it utilize the 768? or even 512?Thanks again for everything!nevermind if anyone has issues with video drivers for NVIDIA try this http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=83931
  7. I've successfully installed osx on my p5e \o/. All is well, but my video card (under "about this mac") only displays 256mb of VRAM, instead of the actual 768. I have the drivers installed from DRMANDO's HOW-TO, I am able to use both my LCD's at full resolution. Any reason why this is? should I be using another kext package? or am I stuck this way? Any help would be appreacited! Thanks!
  8. drmando, thank you very much for this HOW TO - It's been very helpful for me in my installation One problem is the audio, I followed the steps but I cannot get it to work. Are there any troubleshooting steps? should my audio be set to HD audio or AC? In your instructions The only thing I had an issue was in step 4, when I tried to sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache I always get "No such file or directory". I didn't understand how to clear the cache map myself.. Thanks in advanced for any help!