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  1. no boot after install...

    I have the smae computer and im having problems with the 10.5.2 dvd. Installs but has that circle with the x over the stem of the apple on boot. Any ideas?
  2. Best Laptops With Full Hardware Support and Acceleration

    im not sure exactly what you mean by that whole disconnecting thing, but i was able to get mostly everything working in 10.4.9. There is still the issue with wireless. After a couple tries it worked fine on an open network, but my WPA secured wifi in my room is connecting me enough for one page load then it seems to stop trying. Under the network settings everythings still green (which apparently means i still have an active connection) yet nothings working with it. any input?
  3. Best Laptops With Full Hardware Support and Acceleration

    The wireless card it says it has is the realtek rtl8187 (802.11bg). It maybe holds a connection for 3 seconds. Im also not able to get the battery indicator or even recognition of a battery to my knowledge. I used the Kalyway 10.5.1 dvd.
  4. Best Laptops With Full Hardware Support and Acceleration

    Hi Im using a mx8734 which is very similar to the mx8738 which is what a couple of you seem to be using. The only thing I cannot get working are the wireless and the built in ethernet. I believe it uses the Intel Pro/100 VE. However the stuff ive tried has gotten me nowhere. Im also unsure of how to get the wifi working. It has the same realtek card the rest of you mx8738 people have. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Also I tried the 1.4.5 driver with ui 1.4.7 and have gotton a connection thats quickly dropped. I attempted to do the 1.5.0 ui but that wont even boot. Thanks