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  1. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    Hi there. I have successfully installed Lion 10.7.2 on my rig, but I cannot make my ATI Radeon 2400 XT (0x94c1) work with resolution changing. Its stuck at an odd resolution. Can anyone tell me what I can do? I'm well versed in hackintosh and kext-ing. I've tried adding my device ID to the current ATI2000 kext but it didn't change anything. Please help. I dont want to buy a new card for this computer its just for my parents. Thanks.
  2. Kext´s for Nvidia GTS250?

    I've been working hard for the past 5 days to install OSX for my friend's new rig. I searched high and low, and tried many methods to no avail, until now. He has the MSI Geforce GTS 250 1gb. The only way I could get it to fully work, is if I use the EFI string stated on the 1st page of this thread, and also put the NVenabler 64 kext into Extras/Extensions/ folder. For some reason this combo makes all resolutions and QI/CE work. If anyone else is having issues, try this combo. Thanks guys for your help here.
  3. hey guys, i posted a couple pages back. I got everything working perfectly except for 1 thing. Anytime a few minutes go by with no sound playing (approx 3-5 min), then suddenly a sound plays (like changing system volume), it will go "POP" loudly. Its getting quite annoying, I definitely want to get rid of it. I wonder why it keeps happening though, not just once per boot. On some other PCs I've heard this "POP" sound too when the OS is booting, but you never hear it until booting again. Anyway, does anyone know how to make this annoying pop sound to go away? Btw my stats: GA-P55-UD2 Intel i5 @ 3.4ghz (geekb: 8944) AppleHDA.kext & LegacyHDA_ALC888.kext (as suggested by tonymacx86's blog) Custom DSDT.aml (created by tonymacx86) No SpeedStep I've tried many methods, this is the only one that even plays sound. Voodoo 32/64 kext doesnt work, tonys custom DSDT.aml by itself doesnt work. I dont know what else to do.
  4. Just stopping in to say I've been running my new i5 750/GA-P55-UD2 rig for a week now, and its wonderful! I've been following tony's blog (Andyroo on his comments) and its helped me get a perfect setup. I currently use his custom DSDT without SpeedStep. SS was causing weird random KP crashes. I tried to replace the old DSDT to remove SS, but my scores were still low, so I restored from a CCC backup (I do one every few days now). My geekbench scores are now ~8100 overclocked from 2.66 to 2.88 (BCLK @ 160 x 18) and everything runs smoothly, no random crashes anymore. I was getting ~7100 at stock 2.66. I do the BCLK at 160 so I can get my 1600mhz ram at max (not just 1333). I've tried OC'ing up to 19x, which is 3.04ghz, but I start getting random crashes and sometimes KPs. No other voltage/bios changes, all automatic. I'm curious how some of you (like airecken above) have OCed above 3ghz stably, what BIOS settings are you using? I can make my PC go to sleep, and wake up, but it will soon after find a reason to KP randomly, which defeats the purpose of sleep-mode. I'll try the tip of not using the top set of USB slots on the back. I'm not too upset though, I can reboot within 60seconds anyway. Lastly to mention, I have to keep the NullCPUpowermanagement.kext in my Extra folder, else my geekbench scores are ~4100. My dual-boot windows 7 gets a score of ~7300 while SL gets ~8100. This confirms my suspicion that SL is faster than Win7! Cheers everyone!
  5. Its working excellently on my i5/P55 rig! I also have success using the new partition hider feature, it works like a charm. Thanks Voodoo team, and Dr Hurt for package!
  6. I'm having one more BIG problem with all this. I think I've narrowed it down to a reason. When I was running Leopard, my BIOS was set to emulate SATA as IDE. Loading Leopard at boot was slow, but it never crashed. Now that Snow Leopard requires SATA be emulated as AHCI, Leopard boots so much faster! I never thought to try that feature. They both boot very fast... but now they both will eventually crash within 20-30 minutes of use. Infact, 100% of the time I open Disk Utility on either OSX, it crashes, and will never close even with force quit. Then Finder will eventually do the same, and then I cant click anything. I'll have to manually restart. It appears the crash occurs when going to access the disk for partitions. I unplugged all my other HDs, just the main one is plugged in, it still crashes. I think it could be a problem with AHCI kext, maybe? I bet its using the set from P5Q, but I have a P5Q3 mobo. What do you think I should do IanT? I know you dont have a P5Q3, I'm just looking for some general advice. Thanks! EDIT 1- Or maybe it has something to do with ACPI? EDIT 2- I've fallen back to Leopard, I found an AHCIPortInjector kext in its Extras folder, probably from accidentally installing Marsbooter script to Leopard instead of SL. I deleted "Extras" from Leopard, installed Chameleon RC2 onto Leopard again so it will boot. EDIT 3- Leopard is still crashing. It always seems to crash when I go to open a file with an app. For instance I was going to email an attachment to a friend, when the dialog box opened to find the file, the app crashes, then a domino effect of my computer crashing. This never happened before I tried installing Snow Leopard! EDIT 4- This sounds funny but, I think having boot132-marsbooter CD in my CD drive was somehow making my computer freeze. When I switched from IDE to ACHI in my bios, every once in a while when booting, my CD drive wont be recognized. When it is working, and I'm on Leopard, when an Open File dialog appears, the CD should spin up, but it doesn't. This is when everything comes crashing down and I have to do a manual reboot. Now I took the CD out, it seems to work. Maybe my internal DVD burner (SATA) doesn't like ACHI mode... lol EDIT 5- My computer has been on for 3 hours straight without any of the crashing from before. I think it was that boot132 CD being in my drive. Strange. However, Snow Leopard is still crashing. I think I need some kexts.
  7. Thanks for your reply IanT. I reinstalled SL, here's what I found works for my P5Q3. With 10.6 - Sound doesn't work. - DMGs do work. - About This Mac does work (used osx86tools to edit). - Most everything works without additional kexts. With 10.6.1 - Sound DOES work (strangely the update fixes this itself). - DMGs do not open at all. - About This Mac does not open at all. - Certain apps wont open. The change-log for 10.6.1 has nothing I care about, so I'll stay with 10.6. However, I want my onboard audio to work again. IanT do you think I can just copy some of my kexts from my fully-working Leopard 10.5.6 install into 10.6 and make audio work? Also lastly, while I'm on 10.6, at random I think a kernel panic happens. Not too often, usually when I'm doing multiple things. It does that dark scan-line from the top all the way to the bottom, then says "You need to restart your computer. Hold the power button...blahblah". Is there a fix for this? Updated kernel? Thanks for all your help. Once I get mine working fully I'm going to post a sister-thread to yours for P5Q3 people, as well as post on the osx86 wiki.
  8. Hello everyone. Alright, I am here to say I have had quite good success, except at the very end. First of all, I have a P5Q3 mobo, not a P5Q. 1) Installed juzzi's P5Q3 latest BIOS update. 2) Burned Boot-132-Mars to a CD. 3) Cloned Snow Leopard retail to a flash disk (tried burning a DVD, said "cannot find mach_kernel. Flash works tho) 4) Installed Snow Leopard successfully. 5) Booted fine. No initial sound, but it worked after a reboot. 6) Did marsbooter post-install script, rebooted, it works. 7) Installed the 10.6.1 update. Ok now here is where things went wrong. Everything was fine on 10.6, but when I updated to 10.6.1 (as Ian T suggested was fine), things started breaking. I cant load DMGs, the "About this Mac" wont open at all, apps are crashing. Its weird. I think I'm going to reinstall, and not update, to see if that makes everything work fine again. I didn't play around much with it before updating to see what does and doesn't work. It could be that DMGs we're not working before either. But I do know for sure that "About this Mac" was working before the update. Anyone have this same problem? Anyone have a fix? I can do without 10.6.1 for now, but I dont want to be stuck at 10.6 forever, ya kno? (Sidenote- Ian T you are the man! Thanks for boot132mars, it was exactly what I needed to get started. The post-install scripts are beautiful and work great. And the documentation is so professional.)
  9. Got an answer over here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1306490
  10. Toshiba l305-s5921

    I would like to know about this laptop working too. I'm thinking about upgrading from my hackintosh Dell Mini 9 to this for the bigger screen. Does anyone know if this laptop works fine? Or how to make it work if not?
  11. sudo chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/{Insert Your Boot Utils Image Name Here}/System/Library/Extensions sudo chmod -R 755 /Volumes/{Insert Your Boot Utils Image Name Here}/System/Library/Extensions sudo rm /Volumes/{Insert Your Boot Utils Image Name Here}/System/Library/Extensions.mkext sudo rm /Volumes/{Insert Your Boot Utils Image Name Here}/System/Library/Extensions.kextcache I've been doing this for hours upon hours. It almost worked once, but it stopped working. So far, here is what I've done... * Disk Utility to restore BUI 2.1.0.dmg to my 4gb flash (and usb hd too). * Tried booting. Failed horribly. So I searched alot and found alot of little tips here and there, things like deleting AppleIntelPower, installing AppleACPIPlatform, dsmos, disabler, etc. Then it stopped crashing so soon, got through some more loading, but stalls. * Then I tried copying the extensions folder from Kalyway 10.5.2 install DVD (hidden folder) straight over to my BUI usb drive. Now I cant remember if thats all I did, but I believe I did the quoted chown & etc commands, then I rebooted and voila it worked! * But it was short-lived. The grey screen actually loaded with quickpicker (i'm familiar with it from my real mac), but it was very low res and it was only picking up USB drives, not my internal SATA. * So I rebooted into OSX and installed some new kexts trying to enable ICH10 SATA, and few other kexts with it. I thought this was harmless, but upon the next reboot it has bricked, and somehow I can't get it back to the way it was before. * I've done a total restore again, and am trying all sorts of combinations to reach that stable load again. But no combination I've found yet works, and I'm still stuck! Even with doing the chown commands. * I've even tried all the boot commands, -v -f -x, platform=x86pc, none of those help. * Still stuck... I took a pic of my screen once it seems to have 100% frozen. Quickpicker cannot seem to load, something about "uid 0"... I think it has something to do with this line from middle-ways: "root filesystem is read-only; skipping kernal link data generation". I'm only taking an educated guess here though. Here, you look at the pic of the screen and tell me what you think... Can you tell me whats going on? If you need more pictures from earlier on in booting, let me know and I'll take a stream of them. It only takes about 30 seconds or so to get to this crashed point (fast computer). My main question is: Do I need to extract any kexts over to the BUI usb drive to give it compatibility with my computer hardware? I had to get special kexts to make my OSX to work, but with them it works 100%. I'm thinking I just need to transfer the right kexts over and it'll work perfectly (like it almost did once with the grey screen!). Incase it helps you, here are the specs of my rig. It runs flawlessly, with all the right kexts installed. Used iPC 10.5.6 Final DVD to install. * ASUS P5Q3 * Intel Core2Duo T8400 3.0ghz * Nvidia Geforce 9800gtz+ 512mb * Patriot 4gb DDR3 1600mhz Ram * 320gb Western Digital 7200rpm * 550w PSU * ~$600. Anyway, whew. I'm looking forward to having BUI working fully.
  12. I need this too. I have the D-Link DWA-552 wireless adapter. I'm using iPC 10.5.6 Final osx86. When I check network settings, it shows AirPort card present, but status is "Off". When I click the 'On' button, it does nothing. So, I think I need a new kext or GFX string or something. How do I go about this?
  13. I think it should be ok. I bought all my parts from this list of 10.5.6 compatible hardwares: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.5.6 "ASUS P5Q3 Intel P45 + ICH10R * Install Method: iPC OSx86 10.5.6 with PPF5 (Universal) + iPC_v1.1PPF * BIOS Version: 0609 (Patched with this [1] BIOS) * Realtek ALC1200 Audio: All works. SPDIF, DigOUT, Stereo, LineIn, LineOut. Patch * Realtek 8111C LAN: works OOB * ICH10R SATA: all 6 ports working * USB: all working * Firewire: not yet tested Chameleon 1.0.12 + Vanilla 9.6.0 kernel Restart and shutdown work. Sleep work. Quad core and 8GB ram working. Install the DSDT patch with HPEF (force recompile). See Attached Patched in Description. " I have not tested it yet, my parts come in tomorrow, so I'll repost here with my success! The rest of my parts are as follows: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz LGA 775 65W Dual-Core Processor Patriot Viper 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) EVGA 512-P3-N884-AR GeForce 9800 GTX+ Superclocked Edition 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 ASUS P5Q3 LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Rosewill RP550V2-S-SL 550W ATX12V v2.01 SLI Ready Power Supply
  14. Modifying the Top Menu Bar

    By the way, I think its worth mention that the image I posted above was made in Photoshop. I made a screenshot of my actual dock, cropped it down to the lower section, then in a new image I copied the menu bar and applied inverse to it, then lightened it up just a tad so it wasn't pure black but a dark grey. Then I pasted that into the first image, voila. Thanks for the LeoColorBar tip. I tried it but it didn't work. My main goal is to invert the top menu bar, so text is white and the the bar is dark grey. Any more ideas?
  15. How do I change the top menu bar of Leopard to be dark instead of light? I've succeeded at turning my dock dark with docktweak, is there a tool or method for modifying the top menu bar in any way? I hear the black macbooks have a dark menu bar... can I get that on somehow? I really hope so, because default white is driving me craaazy. Below is something I made in photoshop. The dock is real, the menu bar was inverted via ps...