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  1. Login Resolution

    No luck, now I have 1600x1200 res, but 800x600 login screen.. I can live with it, but it definitly sucks...
  2. Login Resolution

    I'm upgrading my display today, hopefully that will change the situation. I can live with it, it's just VERY odd... And looks horrible...
  3. Login Resolution

    No, boot res is fine(did the whole "Graphics Mode"="1280x768x32" thing), and resolution is fine once logged in. It's the LOGIN screen that has 800x600 resolution. My question is where do you set the resolution for the login screen.
  4. I got this working I thought I'd post my specs. I'm using a Chaintech Zenith VE VNF4 NFORCE 4 (not ultra) motherboard. All I did was copy the kext file to my /System/Library/Extentions folder. Then I went into Disk Utility and repaired permitions (I'm not even sure I had to do that) Rebooted and bam, there's my new SATA drive. It doesn't seem that complicated. Is there any chance of data coruption with my method? I'm nervous about puting important files on it until I've used the heck out of it for a while.
  5. Sound Strangely Cuts In and Out

    What would I do without you guys! I had the same problem. Fixed!
  6. Login Resolution

    Actually I have qe and ci working fine and the resolution is normal once I have logged in, I set my boot resolution to what I want and that works fine, it's just the screen when I first login that has a low 800x600 resolution. There must be a way to setting or something to change the login screen resolution.
  7. Login Resolution

    I have the same issue did you ever find a resulution?
  8. Getting ATI X1600 to work

    Oh yeah!! That did it!! I followed that procedure and trashed all the kexts that had nothing to do with my card. I found many things the installer missed, and corrected them. QE & CI!! Sweet!! Thank you so much for your help!
  9. Getting ATI X1600 to work

    It's a PCIE
  10. Getting ATI X1600 to work

    I managed to get it before you removed it, thanks... But unfortunately it doesn't appear to work. I'm wondering if I need to manually configure any of the kext files?
  11. Getting ATI X1600 to work

    Thanks, I'll give it a try!
  12. Getting ATI X1600 to work

    I'm really sorry I had to post this. I looked everywhere to find instructions on how to get this card working. I recently bought it because I read somewhere in this forum that it's fully supported by 10.4.8 JAS. So when installing OSX I marked the ATI x1x00 driver, which didn't work. I then installed Diabolik's X1600 driver from his site. Repaired permissions like it asked me to. Rebooted, same kernel panic. I reinstalled OSX86 without any graphics drivers, installed the "http://installers.dl.am/" universal driver. No difference... I have an AMD 3000+ an ATI Radeon X1600 PCIe 256. The problem is, there are so many people who say they have this card working with full CI & QE working, and I have yet to see how they managed to get it working... I had allot of hope for Diabolik's driver, but no luck and no real strait forward instructions. I'm hoping the reason no one has posted instructions means I'm missing something stupid.