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    iwi2200 crash and possible fix

    I installed the latest stable iwi2200_wep.dmg. It worked great at the first location I tried. Then I packed up, went to a different location. nsGUI would crash every time - so would networkSelector. Debugging showed nsGUI crashing in MainController-preAction: if (priv.ieee->networks[c].ssid_len>0) { priv.ieee->networks[c+1]=priv.ieee->networks[c]; goto rep; } c is 127 when it crashes. If I change it as shown below it does not crash: if (priv.ieee->networks[c].ssid_len>0 && (c < 127)) { priv.ieee->networks[c+1]=priv.ieee->networks[c]; goto rep; } An ugly hack since I don't know the first thing about how this structure is put together but it might be a clue for someone who knows what's going on. Hope this helps, Stream