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  1. Hey all, I have successfuly installed iAtkos v7 on toshiba a200-1mb, did upgrade to 10.5.8 with no problems. FAN problem was and then(didn't work fine), but i used to fix it with removing power cable and putting in again. After that fan was working just fine like on windows. Few days ago i decided to upgrade my RAM from 1GB+512MB(both 667mhz) to 2GB+2GB(both 800mhz). New ram is supported by this laptop. After I did upgrade I can't turn on FAN at all and after few mins I have high temp, soo need to restart. Two dys ago I installed Snow from retail dvd, with fakesmc and voodoops2 just fine. But There is still fan problem. I will uploaded my fixed dsdt I would be very thankful if someone can help me to solve this problem. My hardware is: Toshiba a200-1mb Phoenix bios Intel core 2 duo t5300 2+2GB Kingston Ram intel GMA 950 Intel® Wireless WiFiâ„¢ Link 4965AGN Texas instruments PCI card bus Realtek audio chip, alc268 Card reader USB Bluetooth Chicony USB camera dsdt.rar
  2. Genetic Error

    hackinTOSHIBA user experiences

    Hello, I have toshiba a200-1mb. First installed iAtkos v7, used default kernel and keybord and mouse pad fix and drivers for diveces that are listed in setup for my laptop. Upgraded to 10.5.8 via apple update. Graphics working Sound working Lan working USBs working PCI - recognized, still not tested, I dont have any cards Wireless not working Card reader not working Camera working but not in every program, dont have time to fix it Bluetooth working Battery is shown Problem with cpu fan fixed(sometimes overheat), not permanetly because everytime I boot into OS X i have to pull out power cable and plug in again to CPU fan starts normaly. Still cannot get sleep to work. If I forgot something and someone is interested for this laptop I will answer.
  3. Genetic Error

    PCMCIA Success Stories

    Hello, I have working "Cardbus/PCMCIA Controller ID 104C:8039 Texas Instruments PCIxx12" on Toshiba A200-1MB. I had to change plist entries and after that went oke Look here for help.
  4. Thank you, works on my Toshiba A200-1MB. Now I only have to wait for drivers for wireless intel 4965 and Texas I. card reader, everything alse is working great.
  5. Thanks, works great on my Toshiba A200-1MB
  6. Genetic Error

    ALC861-VD (0x10ec0862) working

    Thank you, working just like you said. Volume butten isnt working but but i can control volume at my speakers and by software.
  7. Genetic Error

    Fan speed + control

    I have problem with fan. It does not start in leopard, sometimes it does and its working on the same speed, leo doesnt recognize my fan and doesnt show me temp and it gets very hot so i have to restart my laptop I have toshiba a200-1mb and in vista everything is working fine
  8. Genetic Error

    GPU Fan Toshiba P100

    I have the same problem on my toshiba a200-1mb and i still cannot fix the problem. p.s. Javi mi se da pokusamo ovo nekako popraviti.
  9. Hello, I got my leopard working on the same hard disk where is vista. Everything is woking fine but there is one problem. My cpu cooler isnt spinning and cpu becomes very hot so i have to restart my laptop. After restart on bios loading cpu cooler is spinning so fast to cool cpu and after few mins everything is fine, but not on leopard. Cooler is normaly spinning on vista with no problem. I have been searching on net but no one has problem like mine. I think i gave you enough details about my laptop so someone can help me with this.