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  1. thy4205

    New Clover 2.4 4012+ Issue

    Install clover onto a new USB drive then copy the confit.plist and kext over. This is Kind if a compatibility issue
  2. Nothing is wrong except my GTX660 Glitching like hell. Can you explain your problem a little more?
  3. I found a little trick by accident. Find a spare disk and install High Sierra on it. The kernel Cache error can be fixed by running the a terminal command on the newly installed system. If you like you can 'touch' the kext folder if you like but it doesn't seem to do much. (I don't think it is related but it never hurts) To install the update, you can find the pkg install file here Run pkg file from the newly installed system, change the installation path to the fusion drive volume, it will install straight away, then you can return to the newly updated system. Running pkg installs the update straight away, without creating a pre-boot environment which clover fails to boot into. Seems to be a High Sierra specific problem though.
  4. thy4205

    Nvidia EVGA GTX660 and High Sierra

    Currently using a GK106 GTX660 and suffering from glitches. Web Driver don't seem to solve the problem.