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  1. What about the 1050? The computer is mainly for scientific calculate, with the laptop.
  2. I think that the solution is to come back to el capitan and buy a discrete gpu. With discrete gpu madlon showed us that would work well.
  3. I will do another clean installation of Sierra. Do you want to see the efi bootable pen drive?
  4. It's not working as the same... Could it be better erase the El Capitan partition?
  5. I don't know what to tell you. Is not working... The three audio jack are working. Hdmi is not working... It seems insane.
  6. the apple folder is more than 10mb compressed I don't know if I spliced well in two part the apple folder... new and new.01 should be the apple folder. BOOT.zip Clover_Install_Log.txt.zip CLOVER.zip nvram.plist.zip new.zip new.z01.zip
  7. Nothing, it's unbelievable... Why 12.5 blocked 11.6 even in hdmi? I'm even not able to download 12.4... Maybe it's easier buy a gpu or downgrade to the only 11.6...
  8. nothing. Maybe I should use the folders 10.11 and 10.12 instead other for both. I formatted the other disk to be sure and checking there is no other refi folder like this one.