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  1. Thanks llamaguy and keithpk for all your work on this. Any work being done on the HP nc6000 issue reported in this topic? I have the battery showing, but with an X through it, I do get options for "Better Battery Life" ....etc and they appear to function. Any way to HardCode the bundle to only look for ONE battery at a specific location? (sorry if this is a complete N()()B question, I have very little programming experience, which is to say NONE) Again thanks. HM
  2. hodgeman

    Callisto Technical Discussion

    Thanks OMNI Radeon Mobility 9600 working at 1400x1050@60 I get the occasional garbled screen, no worrries though. 10.4.6 with IO80211.kext, and ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin from 10.4.5, and 003 Callisto. Not using CI/QE (it works fine, just don't like the tearing) The only issue I have is DVD player crashes. It was working before I installed Callisto. I didn't check this again before I installed iLife 05, so I don't know if anything iLife installed is causing it. q1- Do you need CI/QE for proper DVD playback? q2 - If not a CI/QE problem, is anyone else having a similar issue? q3 - Would iLife's DVD stuff cause this issue? Thanks to all for their hard work with this project. I just ordered my MacBook, based off the usage of OSX, which was made available by the people in this forum, and Maxxuss. I would have never ordered it without being able to dabble with OS X on my old laptop. :-) HM
  3. hodgeman

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    yz If you haven't already, you need to replace the kext in your IONetworkingFamily.kext with the broadcom one from this thread. At least that got my Broadcom GigabitXtreme to work.
  4. hodgeman

    Atheros Network Drivers

    Dax You need the 80211 kext from 10.4.3 in order to get the atheros wireless drivers to work. At least that was what I had to have with my HP nc6000 Laptop. HP W500 card.
  5. hodgeman

    Atheros Network Drivers

    WPA more into - I checke while trying to connect to my HP AP, with WPA - TTLS/PAP The AP shows my MAC Address as using Static WEP when trying to connect. Not sure what this is actually telling me, but it appears as if the driver doesn't support the TYPE of WPA that my AP needs (AES) I haven't tried switching my AP to TKIP as there are other users on, and switching them would be a real pain. Anyhow, I will try to do some diags and post back later. Sorry if this wastes someones time reading, but thought it might be useful to someone. hm
  6. hodgeman

    Atheros Network Drivers

    Thanks MR.P That was the magic trick for me, needed the IONetworkingFamily.kext from 10.4.3 NOT 10.4.4 WOW Thanks Again hm
  7. hodgeman

    Atheros Network Drivers

    Mikebees: 1 - are you sure you have the Intel version of 10.4.5 update? 2 - Mount the dmg file and copy the .pkg file somewhere. 3 - Open the pkg file with Pacifist. 4 - The kext is in /System/Library/Extensions. Extract it somewhere. Sorry if this is too simplified for what your asking. :-) hm
  8. hodgeman

    Atheros Network Drivers

    Thanks for info Syldaril, it didn't work for me with my HP NC6000/W500 combo. I also tried my DLink DWL-G630 which is Atheros based. The AP icons shows up in the menubar, but the only option is to power off card. It is displayed as AR5001-0000-0000. It shows up in profiler as VEN 5772, DEV 26. I tried adding these to the info.plist in the driver in the IO80211Family.kext, but no change. I don't have a problem buying a different card, but I would really like to know what I can do to get my W500 integrated card to work. Thanks in advance. hm
  9. hodgeman

    Atheros Network Drivers

    Cyrana, can you be more specific at to WHICH kexts you replaced. I have 10.4.4 running on an HP Nc6000 It has the integrated Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit and the W500. I had to add a driver from tinhead to get the Nic to work, and now I want to try to get the wireless working. If I replace the IONetworking with 10.4.5's then add tinheads driver to the plugins, it breaks my integrated nic, and the wireless is not detected either. Pointers or advice please? Thanks in advance. hm
  10. hodgeman

    real quick question

    I would guess that it is the original DMG that someone has converted to an ISO. Usually the source will name it as "patched" if it in indeed patched.
  11. I'm an idiot, READ before you post dumb@$$ (directed at myself)
  12. hodgeman

    USB now works on 10.4.3 1111a (g)

    I agree domino, I will be up front in line to get an Intel pwrd ibook. Dual boot to XP when necessary, OSX when possible
  13. Does anyone have or can provide me the ORIGINAL IONetworkFamily.kext from 8f1111?, all I have is the JaS Patched one. Thanks in advance hm
  14. Build 8f1111 Maxxuss Emulator v4 (thanks and credit to Maxxuss) 1 - HP NC6000 Laptop 1.6 Pent M - 1Gb, 40Gb Hd, Ati 9600 Mobility W500 Wireless, Brdcom NetXtreme Gbit. Oddities: - System mutes after a minute or so, front buttons for volume and mute work, but it auto-mutes ? - No battery status in bar, but a dashboard applet shows battery status correctly. - Mouse glyphs or artifacts Non-functioning: Any type of networking - Broadcom not supported OR no drivers available PCMCIA bus not working, I have a couple wireless cards, but neither will power up? DVD player crashes. All apps that I have tried work. (haven't throughly tested, just basic stuff) iLife, iWork, MS Office 04, Macromedia DW8, FW8, FL8, iTunes, CDRW burns fine (Teac) This was more than enough to get me curious, I am now shopping ebay for a decent deal on an iBook G3 or G4 Thanks to all who have worked on getting this working on non-std. hardware. hm
  15. Yes Jas you are correct, sorry for the typing w/o thinking or proofing