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  1. How do i go about replacing files in S/L/E if i can't access the directories once its installed on the USB stick? I can't even get to the installer, i have written a USB stick like 3 times now......it won't even load at all....tried different sticks, tried loading it from an external hard drive, etc....
  2. I have tried installing 10.6.3 on my Optiplex GX620 with no success.....plus its kind of an old version. Is there any way to install Lion, Mountain Lion or even Mavericks on this model computer? I have retail versions of all of these OS's
  3. I followed this guide SEVERAL times but I'm still having problems!! I have the Pentium D 3.0Ghz with A07 BIOS. I get OS X installed without any problem, but thats it, i'm stuck on 10.6.3. EVERY time I try to update, it fails. I downloaded the 10.6.8 combo update TWICE off Apple's website and both times it failed. Also, even after getting OS X installed, I can't get it to boot WITHOUT the boot disk. It will either kernel panic or go to a white screen. EDIT: Tried creating a second partition and installing OS X on it, did the update and changed the update to go to the PRIMARY one and won't boot up after that....either a white screen or double panic.....