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  1. Well, in my case I couldn't installed it because I didn't updated to the last 10.13.6 security update (the package just failed to installed). After updated IT works fine, as supposed. So maybe the problem for those people is not related to having installed the driver onto an older version. I guess the problem for them is related to CUDA driver and software version, or just not selecting the driver to use on preference panel... In my case I can confirm that ".133" driver works together with the CUDA ".481.163" driver on a Macbook Pro late 2013 with a Nvidia 750M, running Mac OS X 10.13.6 (17G10021). CUDA processing available on CC2018.
  2. Web and CUDA drivers ARE necessary to get CUDA processing for this GPU on certain applications. That's why people with the 750M use these drivers.
  3. yoyo

    Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    You are right RETRO, but another consideration is the fact that some applications run faster in therir native hardware and some of them doesn't exist for the other OS. One example could be Motion or LiveType. Those are great applications for video and you can't find any simmilar in Windows. I for example work video editing in a PC running Windows and make Credits with Livetype with my old slow G4. I also work with Autocad, and need the mobility of a Laptop when I work in some Shows as a Live video creator. But this is a question for another forum. Let's see what offers BootCamp. Then we could make any judgement. Thank you guys for your replies. Don't go to sleep and post!!!!
  4. yoyo

    Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    It's a very nice option now for those forced to work with Mac Os X and Windows applications. Can ayone test Autocad and Resolume??? Please, please!!!!
  5. yoyo

    Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    Would be nice to test directX support for the graphics card. Try downloading DirectX from Microsoft and in Control Panel you'll see the DirectX icon to test your system... (maybe it's not necessary to install directx if you have installed some application with directx requirements like Premiere...) Oh, I forgot it...check your internet connections because Windows is an open box, hehehe...(you know, those stuff called worms...)
  6. yoyo

    Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    I was about to buy a dell. I work Video and CAD. Video is better in MAc and Cad is better in Windows.... Now I can have all of them in one machine! Please, post some benchmarks!
  7. For your photo work you don't need any array, you can get a big USB 2.0 or FW 400 hard drive. That's enough. An array would be necessary to edit video content at high resolution, higher than DV.
  8. I've read this from a Thinksecret comment: http://www.thinksecret.com/comments/0601expo2.shtml Matt Thomas wrote on Jan 12, 2006 at 00:22: Regarding the Firewire 800 port... I believe the permanent installation of the iSight camera, a Firewire 400 device, is the reason that the firewire 800 port is missing. All powermacs and powerbooks with firewire 800 ports actually use the same bus for the Firewire 400 ports as well. The ports look different but work as a single bus. A firewire bus is only as fast as the slowest device on the bus. This means that if you have a FW800 device connected at the same time as you have a FW400 device, the speed of the FW800 device will be throttled down to FW400. This is a real problem if you connect certain DV camcorders which actually use Firewire100, limiting your hard drive performance to only 100mbits while the camera is connected. Apple has a Tech note to confirm this. Now, since the iSight can't be disconnected, the bus will always run at FW400 speed, regardless of what faster devices one might connect to a FW800 port. There would be no performance benefit at all when using FW800 devices. If you understand this, it makes perfect sense that Apple dropped the port. I also think this is why the new iMacs don't have FW800. It's the iSight! I do however wish that Apple included at least one Port Replicating SATA 2 port in place of of the FW800 port for using RAID arrays. Every serious multimedia content creator I know uses array storage." ------------------------------ I think, Apple has used a board from a nother company. I haven't seen any PC board with built-in FW800 support. So the question for me now is: who will fit their needs for custom motherboards? This release has only sense with the fact that they needed a shot in the market. Does anyone know any spec from the board???
  9. The new processor is a 32 bits one. A 64 bits processor can acquire more efficiency with that Mac OS X 10.4.4 written for 32 and 64 bits, but Intel Core Duo is still 32 bits.
  10. Those adapters don't work with any DVI port, because that adapter don't have any D/A converter, they're just very expensive crossover ports (a "normal" non apple one is about 5 € or less). The adapter works with the A/D, D/A converter inside the graphics card. I haven't seen any info about the outputs supported by the card so, we'll have to wait for the reviews.
  11. There are other importants lacks in the Macbook. Video-Out and Firewire 800 are some of the things they have abandoned which are actually needed. Not everyone have a DVI TFT TV to make a video show. And long DVI wires are very expensives to use them in my shows. Buying an adaptor it's a way but a good one starts at about 180 €. About Firewire 800. I don't understand. If they would fit a Fibre Channel port, or a S-ATA... Something to plug fast Disk drives arrays for Video Postproduction. Another important thing. What about the promised 64 bits operating system? Seems that these new Macs will have a shorter up to date life. My g4 still works and it's 6 years old. Actually it has no sense buying a G5 which will became ancient in a near future with the probably lack of support for future applications, And probably using 32 bits processors are a step behind. I'll wait for the second revision, or i'll probably buy a very more cheaper PC to use during a short life session.
  12. I'm stuck with those sites for mac users which only speak about how good is the mac, and such pretty designs they make. What I really like from a site are "how-to articles", written by proffesionals: design, video, audio, net. Most of the programmers work with PC-Windows or PC-Linux. It's very hard to find advanced net administration guides written for Mac OS X.