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  1. So what are you basing the 100% certainty on? When I know it's using the new kexts (GE=No)- the "About this Mac", More info button, Graphics/Displays looks a particular way. When I use the above patch with GE=Yes, the same screen mentioned above looks just like it always has using the Exp. Chameleon + GE=Yes
  2. Are you sure it's using the new kexts after doing this? I don't think it is.
  3. I suggest the Gigabyte X58A-UD3R. Otherwise, any Gigabyte P55 series (or H55) board will work great in the 11156 world. While Hagar is correct, it's not exactly the option for most of us. There's one key to a smooth OSX86 experience, and that's picking the correct motherboard for it by researching left and right before buying. I am pretty sure you failed doing so with your current board selection. I've run OSX on my current and previous board with VERY little effort for several years now. It all begins with googling the {censored} out of your board selection.
  4. seanmcd

    possible to install on h55 chipset ?

    Yes - many have done it on that board - but I don't think the integrated graphics work at the moment.
  5. I'm getting kernel panic while booting (just before desktop) after installing 10.6.5 EDIT - Unplugged everything USB and it booted. Audio still works. May need to fix the USB kexts...
  6. Yes it's going to overwrite the bootloader. Easiest thing to do is to keep the OS's on separate drives, and actually disconnect the Windows drive while you are installing OSX. Then you can boot off of the OSX drive and set the Chameleon boot loader to default to one or the other.
  7. Why not dual boot? I boot off my Mac drive and I can switch to the Window's drive during the boot screen. Very easy to do.
  8. seanmcd

    10.6.2 Sleep Problem

    Please list all your hardware (all of it). I have had situations where a particular hdd was added to my system in the past and it broke sleep. (1TB WDD Caviar black for example when added to 10.5.8 for me, made sleep stop working)
  9. is my BFGGTX285OC running natively? Or is there something your Kakewalk package does to make it work? How do I know the video is correct?
  10. My good ole' Asus sata drive does the fast eject thing - but then won't go back in! I have to shutdown, push the tray back in, and then start the computer back up. It never does this when booted into Windows though. I might try the Macsales drive
  11. Is it really this easy!?! I just installed 10.6 with kakewalk, and updated normally to 10.6.2 without any issues!! Everything works perfectly. Seems like even sleep works, which if it doesn't is no big deal to me. I have had a perfectly working 10.5.8 install for a very long time so I've been very reluctant to mess with 10.6, but it looks like it will work perfect. My hardware: EP45-UD3R (Bios F9) BFG GTX285OC video Linksys G wifi card So I can't believe auto update worked without any tricks!? Should I expect any issues? I still have my 10.5.8 install I'm going to test a little more before I copy over it.
  12. Mushkin ram works fine and it's usually cheap
  13. Hello all! I'll be joining the fun soon. I just haven't had time to mess with it, combined with my 10.5.8 install working so well! I have a copy of SL i bought for my little Macbook. Can't wait!
  14. Yes this thread had run it's course. If [new] people would just read the thread they wouldn't have to post any more questions. I thought you should have spawned a new thread about 20 pages back actually... There's already a new thread about the "P45-UD3" though, so it's getting redundant
  15. Audio was never an issue for me, except for about three or four days after 10.5.7 came out There's a thread about the 889a audio chip where I got my kexts after 10.5.7. The kexts available here in this thread have always worked for at least the rear output. Look here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=140941