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  1. 10.6.2. Gigabyte K8nf-9 motherboard, AMD64 3200+. Everything works great, fixed iTunes with Marvin's AMD utility. Only problem now is I'm getting a kernel panic every time that I try to copy a DVD. It works about 30-40% of the way, and then locks up each and every time. Tried everything. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Itunes crashes on Snow install

    I'm happy to say that the problem was immediately solved!!!! iTunes 9.0.2 working perfectly. I can get to the options, add music, etc. In the link that I posted, I followed these steps exactly, which were outlined in the comments: 1. Run Marvin AMD Utility and Enter password. 2. Select options number 2 which is ” Create Patcher Package ” 3. Browse to the location of the Location you wish to patch then run it -The locations that you want are /System/Library/QuickTime/ and /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.frameork/Versions/A/Frameworks/CarbonCore.framework/Versions/A/ 4. a folder of AMD.Patch folder will appear in Dekstop 5. Copy the file cpuid.txt out from the patch folder to another volume of hard drive. 6. Select options number 3 and uncheck the simulation mode. 7. In the select Cpuid file, browse to the folder you had copied earlier in steps 5, in the select a volume, browse to the location you wish to patch, which is you had done in steps 3 8. Run the process 9. Another log file is created. 10. Patching is Succesful and Restart your Computer.. I should note that I did each patch individually (did the quicktime folder first, quit the utility, reopened it, then did the other one, then restarted the computer). Marvin's utility would stop responding after I completed each patch, and I had to force quit it. The patches were successfully applied though. Everything is working great! I hope you get it to work, eraid
  3. Itunes crashes on Snow install

    I currently have this EXACT SAME PROBLEM! I haven't tried patching the CPUID's yet, because every other application was working just fine. I figured I'd leave well enough alone. I found some information on this page, I'll try it later and see if it resolves it: http://osx86.boeaja.info/2009/10/cpuids-pa...r-snow-leopard/
  4. Welcome screen loop

    Yes, I had this problem when I installed my home brewed 10.5 disc that i made. Unfortunately the only thing that worked was using a separate hard drive, on which I had installed Tiger, to transfer Login information, etc. I tried other methods to get around the loop, but nothing worked at all.
  5. Ethernet Driver for Marvell 88E1116

    Never mind, I fixed it myself................. By buying a PCI NIC for $12. if anyone else is fighting with this thing and Leopard, and you have a free PCI slot, I highly recommend you stop pulling your hair out and go buy a NIC. FWIW, the card that I bought is a StarTech 10/100, model # ST100S -Realtek RTL8139 chipset. It is 100% Plug and play out of the box. No driver installation, hacking, kext modding, or any BS needed for it to work. Good luck
  6. Ethernet Driver for Marvell 88E1116

    Would it be possible for someone to post the beta that was in the works? The forcedeth driver doesn't even light up my router and this one actually allowed the network to function (despite the panics under load). Please send me a msg or post it here. Thanks a million!