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  1. This issue was solved by a simple moving of a clover backup to the drive needed. Thanks for helping!
  2. Hello everybody. I'm about to go to bed, so it'll be a bit before I reply unless someone offers a solution. My latest in a sea of seemingly-infinite problems is that 3rd party programs seem to crash the system, forcing a reboot after locking up. This has occurred with FL Studio 12 Mac Alpha, Pro Tools|First, and ROBLOX. Other than that, I'm about ready to write a success story!
  3. So I'm having this rather odd and seemingly unique problem. I go to boot "UEFI Sandisk Cruzer: Partition 1" which has clover on it. However, clover does not load. Instead, I get one line of text output which reads "boot0ss: error". There is no other output and the computer just hangs until I restart. Anyone have a fix for this?
  4. I'm having the same issue. My specs are in my signature. The only difference is that instead of getting the "Unsupported method" error I get "Could not find information for this mac, contact apple care".
  5. So I boot OS X El Capitan from my Clover USB Drive, and instead of being presented with the option to Install, it gives me the option to reinstall. Odd if I do say so myself. OS X has never touched any of the drives in my PC, save for InstallESD.dmg, so it shouldn't be telling me to REinstall it. Anyway, I tried to use that option and it gives me a message saying that it will now connect to Apple's Servers for something, then it presents the error in the title ("Could not find information for this mac, contact apple care") Any thoughts?
  6. SoulRippreOfficial

    ACPI Kernel Panic...Help?

    Not sure that I have that option. Also not sure that I have a serial port. I'll check in a moment.
  7. SoulRippreOfficial

    ACPI Kernel Panic...Help?

    Here's the output I get when booting in verbose mode. Photo attached.
  8. SoulRippreOfficial

    ACPI Kernel Panic...Help?

    My specs are in my signature, along with a very important message for you all. Alrighty, here's my situation. I boot up from my clover USB, which has El Capitan on it as well (Created with BootDiskUtility). I start in with the following boot flags: "nv_disable=1 GraphicsEnabler=No -s -x -v -f". Under the El Pwn image, this would get me to the installer but would immediately tell me that OS X is already installed. Problem is, none of my drives have ever been touched by OS X. So I moved to BDU and now it throws me an error regarding AppleACPIPlatform.kext Does anyone have a solution to this problem? So far the forum posts that describe my problem are unanswered.