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  1. Without reading 40 pages, anyone know if this enabled digital out on these? I want to hook one of these to my receiver either through optical, or the coax digital input. Thanks!
  2. HP DV9700 and other similar laptops

    Hey there, were you able to get ethernet to work? I just got the gold master (final) release of Lion 10.7 installed on my dv9700, everything seems pretty ok except ethernet. wifi seems sluggish (its a airport extreme taken out of my old my old mbp)... I have an SSD in it so next is to enabe trim support :-D
  3. Did allot of searching and didn't really come up with an answer.. I'd like to install hackintosh inside a VM for testing of various things so that I don't disturb my hackintosh install. I have the latest VMware fusion and it runs xp great, however when I try to install, using the various templates the furthest I get is a grey screen after it finishes the txt part of the dvd load. anyone have any sucess with this and can share some insite? thanks!
  4. Hey guys the search function seems to be busted so I thought I'd drop a new topic in.. I'm sure some people have run across this before. I'm getting this message when I try and use Parallels on my hackintosh. Intel VT-X is disabled. Enabling VT-x will enhance your virtual machine performance. Do you wish to enable VT-x automatically? I say yes but it never clears the check box under settings, its just grayed out. Under about parallels it says Virtualization mode: Software mode 2 (when a vm is running, and when not its its virtualization mode: Off) I have a Optiplex 755, running kalaway 10.5.2, then patched to 10.5.3, then using software update 10.5.4. (I had this issue with all versions), I'm using the vanilla kernel (also tried the default patched kernel). CPU is a Core2Duo 2.2ghz 4gb ram VT-x is enabled in the bios Parallels Desktop 3.0 (5582) (tired an older version too, same issue) any ideas?
  5. INTEL 82566DM LAN Kext

  6. So I want to setup a OSX media center, and got a soundblaster live usb audio card, hoping to use the digital/optical out.. so far it outputs PCM 44 but not pass through 5.1.. I have no choice for spidif or pass through or anything in midi setup/dvd player and when I select SPDIF if available ion VLC and no go.. any ideas? 10.4.10 JAS on intel hardware
  7. anyone ever figure this out? I have the same problem with 10.4.8 kernel 8.8.1 with both nfs and samba shares
  8. well seems I have to wait for Omni to release his driver.. damn me and my patience
  9. OK so I've done a bunch or searching on this and I just want to know if its possible or not and I will continue to search if need be. I have a fairly complete 10.4.5 system running very well with the exception of resolution. I know there are allot of posts of this. I have a 20" dell WS LCD (same panel as the apple cinema), it can do 1920x1200. Well OSX 10.4.5 doesn't seem to recongnize any resolutions higher than 1280x1024x32, even when I do?video at the boot prompt. I know the card supports it in Linux so clearly darwin/osx isn't recognizing it right. Its a Shuttle XPC with a AGP slot filled with a 128mb Radeon 9600 Pro. QE/QI work fine (some tearing). I want a higher wide screen resolution! Am I screwed? Do I need a different video card? Card is recognized as Vesa 2.0, do I need a Vesa 3.0 to get the higher res with OSX? Thanks for any reply. I will continue to research as well