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  1. DualBoot windows 7 (64-bit) and iAtkos v7

    Look here http://www.mobiletux.com/. Acer 1420p has a very similar spec.
  2. With the helps of users from this forum, I managed to install Snow Leopard to Acer Aspire 1420p and dual boot Windows 7. What does not works: * Though native video resolution works via bootloader configuration, QE/CI doesn't work. As a result, many programs that require QE/CI functions don't work, such as Screen Capture. * Intel Wifi 1000. No resolution at the moment. Bought a Dell 1500 half height wifi card that has native Airport bcm43xx support out-of-the-box. * Sleep does not work. To be accurate, sleep does work but it can't wake up the display. The workaround is not to sleep at all * Touch screen * 3G - Haven't tried. I use Wifi tethering to my phone. What works: * 32-bit native video resolution 1366x768 * Built-in webcam * Built-in Atheros network card * Wifi Dell 1505 wifi BCM43xx out of the box * Bluetooth * Audio * Video - Youtub, Flash, QuickTime 7 * Keyboard and mouse * Battery indicator * Mult-card reader I have documented the steps and it's quite long. Please visit http://www.mobiletux.com/ I am still looking for Intel GMA4500 kext to make QE/CI work.
  3. I am new to Mac OS. I have a Fujitsu P7010D but want to tinker with iPhone SDK a bit. I was able to use Tiger 10.4.11 (mostly working for my purpose) but iPhone SDK does not support Tiger. Leopard however is a different story. I tried 10.5 iAtoks 1.0i, 4.0i, Kalyway 10.5.1 and 10.5.2. Also JaS 10.5.2. Only Kalyway 10.5.1 can boot and install. But after installation, it can't boot from it. It gave something like: .. IOWait .. quiesce using -v option. I searched through the forum. I see quite a few people have similar problem but there is no definite solution. Anyone has any ideas? If installation can be run from DVD, can I transfer whatever is on DVD to hard disk and make it bootable?
  4. Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Same Mac address 00:00 problem. After using ifconfig en0 ether 00:12:xx:, it works fine. Dell Optiplex GX620. BCM5751 is used.
  5. 10.5.3 sse2 sse3 intel

    I am waiting too. Fujitsu P7010D Celeron M, SSE2, Tiger 10.4.11.