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  1. Ok, I have searched and sadly not found a master list of working cards. I am looking into buying a new card for my laptop and i need one that is fully functional and does not need ktext (if possible). Any low cost suggestions. I have read about brocom and dell ones but do these work universally on laptops, i have an hp g50 112nr. Thanks a lot, please help if you can.
  2. GMA X4500

    I have the intel gma 4500mhd too. I understand that there is no working drivers for it but is there any way to force it into 1280x800, i tried the command lines and i dont have a boot.plist file. Any thing at all that can up the resolution, kext, anything? If not i think i will have to render my laptop un-macable because i cant stand to use its great display in 1024x768. Has anyones tired any external apps. Also has anyone got the eithernet working on an hp g-50 112nr. Thanks a lot and good luck to other 4500 users
  3. I just installed leopard on and intel Pentium dual core cpu and i got the hfs+partition error. Now i have herd of a fix for this by entering single user mode in darwin. Now at the countdown i press f8 and it goes directly to bootup of leopard and i cant enter the commands. What is wrong or is there any other way to enter the command though leopard desktop like they way you perminately change the resolution.
  4. I am about to install kalyway 10.5.2 and i have been hearing about people using the disc manager to do the partitions, if so how (it can be really brief) and if not what is the best/easyest/free software. Also im using a 4500 mhd and as far as i know its not compatible with leopard this just means i wont be able to take advantage of graphics right? and that i still will be able to instal it. THanks a lot and let me know if im using the wrong hackentosh version for my pentium dual core (not core duo) processer. Thanks a lot everyone Ps. I know wifi does not work for most people, do the little linksys or netgear usb thumb wifi things work?
  5. No way... when i first used os x86 on my homebrewn desktop i got the same error, it took me like 5 hours to fix and i could just switch the ide cables. I hope the best for you...and me. Anyone have any ideas. I post my results but it will be a few days.
  6. Ok I just got a hp G50-112Nr from black friday and i am about to download a version of os x86 and before i download that big of a file i want to know whats the best edition for my computer. It has a Pentium Dual core 2.0GHz proceser an intel gma 4500mhd i want to get sound, reconized card and hopefully wifi. Anyways thanks a lot for your time and let me know what you think. Ps. Any advice of free partition software thats easy to use, preferably not in dos.
  7. I was working on getting a free macbook at this place where you work for a free laptop. The problem is that i can only get a macbook and i want it to bee good with games so i was wondering if i could buy the 8600 later then add it in, will this work on mac? Void warentee? Where can i buy 8600m's buy them self and will mac have drivers for them? Thanks everyone and happy weekend
  8. Hey, i need 3 major drivers for my leopard (10.5.1) Sound, Video and ethernet. I did not need the sound or ethernet on my tiger which is weird. (using tiger now). Where can i get these, iv looked for hours for the video. This is really fustreating because a lot of stuff wont work right. (res, wiget spashing, front row, any 3d games, anthing that uses 3d at all, and more). I have a K8n-e Asus Mobo with reaitc '97 audio x800 gto saphire (does not need to be perfect just needs to know it does have a video card) amd 64 3000 Wide screen montior (sucks for res, non of the darvin ones are WS) Thank you all so much i really need help. Ps. Is there anyway i can the drivers form tiger leopard (where can i find them) Im runing partition. And is there any flawless graphics card for this that is cheap for mac os 10.5.1. One more thing is an update possible to 10.5.2 once i get eithernet working Thx thx thx
  9. I get this error where it says kernel version Darwin kernel version 9.1.0 Friday november 16th Or sommthing like that. I have gotten os x 1.4.8 to work. I tried it in safe mode but i could not get past the part where you tell it if you dont want to transfer the old hard drive info. Plz help i have been working on this for several weeks and i have looked into this problem. Should i instal kalyway or should i get a 1.5.2 version (i know it just came out) Is there any of these for amd and if so could you link me to a torrent. (that works) 10.5.1 ZEPHYROTH Asus k8-n (ithink) x800gto saphire 1.5 gb ram amd 64 3000 Thank you so much everyone.
  10. I finnaly instaled mac but then it only comes in one resolution. where can i get the x800gto driver. Iv looked a lot but all i really want is it to be 1680x1050 to match my monitor. thanks anything will help
  11. Its ok i fixed the problem, i just need to only instal the amd drives no video ones to confuse it. Now does anyone know how i can get a x800 driver or atlest one that will allow me to view 1650x1080?
  12. Hard drive is not listed at the install!

    Lol it happend to me. When you there go to utilties-disk utility and select you partition from the left then chenge the slider to Mac (journaled) or what ever. the erace it then after 10 seconds close disk utilty and it should show up. Hope it helps
  13. lol yea it messed up my windows to, let me know if you find the solutition
  14. I instaled JaS mac on my computer and i went through the whole hour long thing (3 times) and i kept an eye on it to make sure it worked the last time. It did, i rebooted and took out disc and then it did the apple "apple" loading screen with the loading circle. When it finished that apple dissapeard but the screen color was the same. Then i wait like 10 seconds then the screen looses signal but the computer is still on. If you could tell me what im doing wrong that would be great. I have already had to deal witht the still waiting on root devices error and this has screwed up vista. So any help would be really apriciated. Thanks you do much Specs K8n-e mobo amd 3000 64 x800gto and partitioned hard drive 160gb 20inch lcd screen 1680x1050 by benq (if its the resolution thats not showing)
  15. Yea. Ill try some new ones at 2 days a download it takes a wile. Thank you so much for helping me out.