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  1. I still can't update above 10.14.4 and i had basically quit. But 2 days ago i tried a fresh install of 10.14.6 on a spare ssd and it went fine! After adding all the kext patches from the first post and the two patched kexts from post 2645040, turbo and all is working fine! So this can give you some hope. Usually fresh installs work best for me... but i am afraid my clover folder needs a little cleaning after 3 years of trial and error. Especially this drivers folder.... So i don't know. you could try a fresh install in a spare drive. If it works you have a starting line. Or else call the man ... MaLd0n ..
  2. Hi all! i am strangling to find s single built running macOS (mojave... or anything on that matter) on 1680 v2. Just got one but i can't test it since my motherboard doesn't seem to boot with it. Shall i sell the CPU or keep it and buy another motherboard?
  3. Thanks for that! so you mean the CPU SSDT, right? So i will try disabling the XCPM as advised. Which piker version did you use?
  4. You are right, uploading clover, screenshots of L/E folder and verbose boot where it hangs. System: i7-3930k GA-X79s-UP5-wiss 24GB DDR3 RAM Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ SE macOS 10.14.2 Although i am not sure if it can be of any use, could you upload your clover folder to see if i can get any ideas? CLOVER.zip
  5. Hey there, i found my - or one of my..- 10.13.6 clover folder, so i am posting the whole thing and you can use what you want from it. Remember to generate a new unused serial at SMBIOS and follow some guide if imessage doesn't work. Although it might run fine with my setups. i got a bunch of backup kexts as well in BAK folder, just in case. Unfortunatelly i do not remember which kexts i had installed in L/E folder.... My SSDT-1 in ACPI/Patched is set to 4.2 cause i have my 3930 on stock but with turbo to 4.2. It is stable as a rock so i suggest you try it. Still if you use stock i have a stock SSDT-1 to replace it. Also another SSDT for XEON E5-2670... it was there... i left it, you never know. It works fine with my Xeon. Clover Themes folder is missing so just copy yours. plist is set for NVIDIA with web drivers. i do not rember if 770 needs them or inject nvidia. I hope it works. Do report back to this thread. Cheers! CLOVER.10.13.6.zip
  6. Hi! what is your setup? CPU, MOBO, GPU. if we got the same i can send you my clover folder and, in theory, everything will work except back USB3 ports.
  7. Hi all! has anyone tried this on 10.14.2? I made a quick test but placed the 3 kexts in EFI/CLOVER/Kexts/Other. Didn't work. By the way it was working fine up until 10.13.6. I will post my results after further testing, just asking in case 14.2 needs "extra" care Thanks for keeping X79 alive!
  8. My cpu was working at its highest boost and after enabling the kext I get this
  9. Solution! Check: injectATi Set: FB Name = Orinoco Set: Video Ports = 5 advised to not load whatevergreen but it could depend on the setup All 4 ports working HDMI audio working All working great. this topic os solved
  10. yes i have it. Actually i had it there, now i have transfered it in L/E/. deleted kext cache etc. no difference either way. i am uploading my latest ioreg just in case. pduke Mac Pro.zip
  11. ok so i made some progress today. What is fixed CPU power managment that was easy. just installed Nullcpupowermanagment.kext and to my surprise it worked in a snap. I have turbo and everything (up to 4.2) So i disabled all my kext patches related to Cpupowermanagment.kext Audio I haven't mentioned this cause i could connect my external audio card, but i had no audio from my ALC898. Easy. Installed AppleALC.kext and replaced my AppleHDA.kext with a clean original mojave one. (i tried to extract mine from the mojave installer using Pacifist but it couldn't recognise that i had an installation file in my applications). Anyway i found one online and i am uploading here as well if anyone needs it. I had to do that cause my mojave installation comes as an updat from High Sierra and back in 10.13 i had pathed my AppleHDA.kext in order to have audio. What is not fixed Multimonitor 3 or more This hurts. I am working with 3 displays for about 2 years now. I couldn't imagine how is life without them. In fact i trully believe that if i had 6 monitors i would have find something to do with each one of them and i couldn't return to even...5. So now with 2 i feel trapped in a box. The situation is strange. after hours or tests the best combinations is whatevergreen.kext alone. No injectATI and no orinoco framebuffer. The closest i have been to 3 displays is if i start up with my two displays on the 2 DP ports and a third on DVI but with its power off. So when i boot like this i can see all 3 monitors in About this Mac > Displays and as soon as i turn on the third everything freezes EXCEPT OF THE MOUSE CURSOR!!!! So at this point i quit for today. Paranoia is knocking at my door. if anyone has any ideas or experience with the same card, PLEASE share. AppleHDA.kext.zip
  12. first things first, my rig Gigabyte GA-X79s-up5 wifi i7 3930K 16GB gskill ddr3 ram corsair RM750 PSU So I had 10.13.6 on my GA-X79s-up5 wifi coupled with a GTX970 and life was great for me. nearly EVERYTHING worked like a charm on my 3 monitor setup (except sleep of course) and now Mojave reached .2 version and Black Friday Santa brought me a Sapphire RX580+ SE. So I replaced my GPU and updated to 10.14.2 Ok it is not that bad, but it is not good. I have only two monitors working, the two DPs. The HDMIs and the DVI give black screen no matter what. And my CPU works on max power all the time. The exact same thing (the two DP) happens on my old cloned 10.13.6 install. So both in High Sierra and Mojave I have only two monitors, plus in Mojave I get no CPU states. So far for the GPU I have tried : Lilu, whatevergreen the AMD4500 kext patch orinoco connecting the card only with one 2x6pin to 1x8pin cable all the above in all combinations and some suggestions that I don't remember. No Luck. for the CPU I have tried ...nothing. I am upgrading X79s since El Capitan. it is always the same but the patched kexts are coming out sooner or later. I couldn't find anything for Mojave. I was so sure about this update. Apple has sapphire rx 580 listed in the cards supported (!!! ) and my kext patches work great for my CPU power management since 10.13.1. But then again few things roll easy on this world. any help will be appreciated. cheers all EDIT: ioreg and clover uploaded CLOVER.zip pduke Mac Pro.zip
  13. The above kexts to patch works perfect for my msi x79a-gd65 (8d) with i7 3930k on 10.13.4 but i am unable to update to 10.13.6 (and it is the same with 10.13.4). I almost sure that it is the cpu power managment is responsible for my freezes upon installing. Do you guys managed to update to the latest High Sierra version? as for sleep, i am at the same boat. it never worked no matter what i have tried and i have setup 3 different X79 systems. it is the same on each one of them
  14. Hi all, could you please tell me if i should expect NVidia Turbo Boost to finally work (and keep trying that is )for my GTX970 or is it just a waste of time? i run on the latest webdriver-30.107, i have previously tried every version rolled out for 10.13, everything works almost perfect except that the GPU does not go above 1000 mhz (when it should reach at least 1178 on turbo, based to gigabyte website-it is a windforce OC). also it doesn't go below 784MHz when in windows it drops to 136MHz. my mobo is a MSI X79A-GD65 (8D) with an i7-3930K all measurements are from HWMonitor runnin on High Sierra thank you in advance
  15. and finally it is working!! it was under my nose all the time. it seems that the stock rom is incompatible but not all XFX roms. so after testing here is what is worked (for my card at least) - DD Black Edition https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/148939/xfx-r9280x-3072-131026(1080Mhz memory clock) - DD https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/147218/xfx-r9280x-3072-130926(1000Mhz memory clock) - Nearly every Asus, Sapphire and Gigabyte 280X rom from the same site (150Mhz memory clock!!!! > Ultra energy efficient (!!) but poor performance. Not bad though for simple everyday tasks) Clover : 1. FB Name = Hamachi 2. tick Load VBios 3. tick Inject ATI In EFI : download one of the above Roms, rename it to 1002_6798.rom and place it at CLOVER/ROM/1002_6798.rom. (I keep the ASUS Rom as backup) attaching screenshots. so only turbo boost for me to solve! and my Mac is kicking asses!!!