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  1. RiPOFF

    Free4Me Network Is A Scam!

    so if you really believe this is gonna work... sell referrals on ebay and pay people like $5 a pop (+ the referral fee) after they sign up and they will sign up using u as their reference
  2. RiPOFF

    [SELL] iBook G3 [SELL]

    i would also suggest craigslist.... you might have luck there... i did
  3. RiPOFF

    [Sell] iBook G3 800MHz

    guess what {censored}face... i dont care if you or other sons of {censored} think im a scammer and i dont have to prove myself to you gun-jumping mother{censored}ers... why dont you ask bwhsh8r if im a scammer or not... and see what he tells you
  4. RiPOFF

    Earphone Recommendations

    THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE PAIR I HAVE EVER WORN AND THEIR REALLY AFFORDABLE!!! http://www.cobyusa.com/_en/prod_item.php?i...one&pscat2= they really are comfortable
  5. RiPOFF

    [Sell] iBook G3 800MHz

    im not a scammer... shutup u dont know anything.... i offered to pay via paypal and colonels wants me to send a check in the mail... a check to a total stranger i dont want to talk in public because i dont like people to say what im paying besides... as the buyer sends the money THEN the seller ships the product... how exactly can i scam him on paypal....? i have to pay first... and im a student... who cant afford a new mac im 17, i live in west palm beach, florida, i go to cardinal newman highschool i even gave him my address and my full name and my phone number and i offered him a craigsnumber if he didnt want to talk to me on the phone... and if you ask for my phone number ill give it to you right now and ill even scan a copy of my id along with a video of me saying all your nicknames that way you can see who i am in person
  6. RiPOFF

    [Sell] iBook G3 800MHz

    sent you a pm... was hoping you'd answer... the reason its private is because i dont like talking infront of other people
  7. RiPOFF

    [Sell] iBook G3 800MHz

    What do you know about me... you dont know a d4mn thing... dont open ur mouth till you know who i am
  8. RiPOFF

    Like new iMac Intel Core Duo 17"

    dude.... im not shady... i have a paypal and an ebay account thats been active for awhile... i just dont like to make money offers infront of other people... so {censored} you... i been doin business forever besides when im buying that means i send the money first.... then he sends whatever... so its failsafe
  9. RiPOFF

    Like new iMac Intel Core Duo 17"

    sounds interesting.... is it still under warranty? and if so... could we neogotiate privately?
  10. RiPOFF


    i have an averatec 6100 im selling... it works OoTB all the way OSX 10.4.8 but look at my name but i can make an auction on ebay.... and anyone can bid
  11. was looking at this thing... and wow the specs arent bad for a minipc... its pretty much the same size as the mac mini http://minipc.aopen.com/us any ideas/opinions...
  12. RiPOFF

    Kernel Debugger - GUI Flavour

    "semthex - Agent 007 !" what do you mean by that lol
  13. RiPOFF

    [SELL] Avertec 6100

    i take it no one belives me right?
  14. RiPOFF


    dude... i would do you for 800 because i know macbooks arent even 1600 bux
  15. RiPOFF

    [SELL] Avertec 6100

    well im an ebay user and my ebay username is ComputahMaster... and i have paypal and a fone number if you would like to reach me