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  1. Artifacts on boot selection screen

    Ι have found it. There was in my boot disk a small partition labeled in Greek "Δεσμευμένο από το σύστημα" meaning "reserved from system" from my Win 64 installation. I renamed with the use of latin characters and problem solved! Thanks jabirdin for the advice anyway!
  2. I have installed using the kakewalk method, OSX on my PC (EP45UD3R mobo, Gts250 1 gb video card). Everything is fine, except the boot selection screen, which shows artifacts just under the drive icons and covering the drive names as shown in the picture. What can I do to correct it?
  3. I have installed MacOS X 10.6.3 with Kakewalk to a hard disk in my computer. When It boots, it boots into the bootloader and it starts by default the MacOS hard disk, but I want to boot by default the Win 7 hard disk. How can I change the default boot disk?
  4. GTS250 questions

    I have a computer based on EP45UD3R mobo and a twintech GTS250 graphics card. I have installed retail OSX10.6.3 with Kakewalk, upgraded to 10.6.4 from Apple Update and works perfectly. Some questions about system info : It recognizes my video card, with no problems, it says only unknown model, NVidia, 1024 MB. Is it OK? Do I have to install something as a driver or the performance will be fine? Is QE/QI enabled?
  5. A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    Has anyone installed the Sapphire Vapor - X 4850 512MB Ram, with sucess? ? I get crashes, no signal messages etc on my screen etc. Where am I wrong?
  6. Hello from Greece. I have bought this superb mobo and I am planning to install ideneb 10.5.7 (not the combo update disk). Which are the settings for the mobo (kernel, patches etc) for this distribution? Has anyone tried it?
  7. Booting Problem

    Hello from Greece. I do have the same problem but still not have found any answer. And I have 3 different installers.