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  1. Try the AppleHDA and HDAenabler in here: Those two are from SnowLeopard I think. But they definitely work on the latest I have (10.8.4). Thanks for the Maverick pack. Will try it once it's out for sale P5W_DH_Deluxe.zip
  2. Same here! 10.8.3 works, even though 10.7.5 never worked! No idea how or why, but the sleepenabler just works for 10.8.3
  3. Has anyone gotten 10.7.5 to work on their P5W DH Deluxe? Sleep seems to be a problem for me if I upgrade from 10.7.4 to 10.7.5. Anyone who has experience and is willing to share? Cheers!
  4. Is anyone interested in getting AR9285 to work? The device has Vendor ID 168c and Device ID 002b, which could be similar to the AR9280 (Device ID 002a), which is supported natively as an Airport Card in Snow Leopard without any kexts or modding. So in theory one should be able to change 168c,2a with 168c,2b in /System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext/Contents/Plugins/AirPortAtheros.kext/Contents/Info.plist together with some other changes that refers to the AR9280. I've tried only changing the Info.plist which lasted in a message during boot-up about failing to start a few Airport kexts. I did not get this message before so I think the change was a good start. Can we try to crack down on this card and save ourselves the warranty void path? The exact error is: start [/sourceCache/AirportDriverAtheros5424/AirportDriverAtheros5424-411.19.4/src/common/lmac/ath_dev/darwin/AtherosController.cpp:1149] load failed any c++ guys out there who can look into this one?
  5. Serkan

    HD 6490 M

  6. Serkan

    HD 6490 M

    Has anyone tried this card with Lion already? It SHOULD have native support since some of the macbook pros have the same card in them, right? Can anyone confirm?
  7. Serkan

    HD 6490 M

  8. Serkan

    Driver for Nvidia Geforce GT525m

    have you tried the option GraphicsEnabler=Yes in your chameleon boot file? also, do you have QE/CI with your built-in graphics?
  9. Serkan

    [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    Can you let us know which settings you used to get everything working? Especially the 915 Graphics? I currently have mouse tearing using a combination of elliot's kext loader and a modified framebuffer...
  10. Serkan

    Help choosing a laptop

    Anything to report on this? I'm also looking into getting one of those
  11. i have the same codec (92hd81b1x5) vendor id: 0x111d7605 subsystem id: 0x103c308f. have you had luck so far?
  12. is there any way to just patch a given kext with your mod? your kext does not work for me, but the one that works doesn't allow me to control the volume via hotkeys or volume control on the task bar.
  13. Serkan

    Intel GMA 900 Driver, HELP!

    yes, please do share. i also have this enabler working, and like riws said it, the artifacts come from the framebuffer, but unfortunately the only way to get past the blue screen is this framebuffer. a bit of a bummer
  14. Serkan

    [How to] Intel GMA 900 done right: full QE/CI for leopard

    10.5.8 is no problem. just update, and then start the computer with the ipc dvd again and only! choose gma900 drivers from the customize list. it will overwrite the framebuffer kext and reinstall the elliotenabler kext. and except for artifacts, all will be well again i'm amazed that no fix has been found so far for the mouse artifact problem though.
  15. anyone tried and succeeded in this?
  16. After updating to 10.5.8, everything is running smoothly except I lost QE/CI on this card. My device ID is 710a, and after each update I've done the hex editing and plist editing to replace 71c0 with 710a. The problem is not here. I think they could have changed something with the framebuffer or some framework. Any experiences on this? Right now, Natit works like before, except no QE/CI.
  17. did everyone just go ahead and buy dell minipci's?
  18. is this method only for the above mentioned card? is it possible to apply it to other similar cards? e.g. the AR9285 and the AR9280. the latter is natively supported and the former is not. anyone tried this method for other cards?
  19. Serkan

    Atheros Network Drivers

    any news on the AR9285 wireless?
  20. Atheros AR9285 with device ID 2b. Snow leopard has native support for the AR9280 with device ID 2a, but not the 2b.
  21. We should share our experiences to help one another maybe: I managed to get sleep working by using the 9.7.0 kernel. Firewire was lost, deleting AppleHPET.kext solved it. USB problems (EHCI, UHCI etc.): Disable Hand off from Bios. Use Chameleon RC2, and the following flags in the com.boot.plist file (under /extra) <key>USBBusFix</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>EHCIacquire</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>UHCIreset</key> <string>Yes</string> now i have no problems with usb whatsoever before I had the problem that after a restart, i would constantly get usb errors during startup and usb would not work. everything else works by just using the old kexts so far. anyone else got everything working using other methods? my config: p5w dh deluxe e6600 3gb geil ram - 800 ati radeon x1800gto all drives sata
  22. Serkan

    OSX 10.5.8 is now in software update

    i tried everything suggested here, and nothing helped. i have a c2d e6600, so vanilla works, except sleep. the only way for now is to go back to an older kernel. that works for me.
  23. Serkan

    GMA 900 and 10.5.7

    that's what i meant. i have qe, and ci, but also mouse artifacts. if i want to get rid of the artifacts, i also have to get rid of qe and ci so far no solutions
  24. Serkan

    GMA 900 and 10.5.7

    kovac, thanks a lot for your help. unfortunately, it didn't work for me. my device id is also 2592. i've deleted all gma950 files and the integratedframebuffer, and replaced them with yours. i didn't have to change anything in the info.plist files, as we have the same device id. the result is the same. it works, but with tearing. examples of tearing are randomly appearing black box close to the apple logo on the start menu, and duplicates of the pointer appearing when changing shape (e.g. from cursor to pointer, or animation etc.). the only way i can fix it is using cursorcerer and mouse locator (the combination constantly replaces whatever the cursor may be, with a fixed cursor, avoiding the duplications). do you have these artifacts? p.s. i went ipc 10.5.6 -> 10.5.7 way. never used ideneb.
  25. Serkan

    OSX 10.5.8 is now in software update

    updated via software update on dell latitude d520. the delete appleintelcpupowermanagement thingy is needed, so google for guides on earlier updates on how to do this. i had to delete it manually after booting form ipc 10.5.6 installer disk. once i was there, i also reinstalled voodoo kernel 9.5.0 and ps/2 keyboard and gma900 fixes. all is like before now. no real change for this old machine, but maybe there are some significant changes for the fully supported ones out there anyway, don't have to bother about the update notice any more at least