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  1. Thanks alot ! Worked with dragging the .prefpane to S/L/E on HP 530 Synaptic trackpad
  2. AC97 Soundmax -

    C'mon please... Someone.. ?
  3. AC97 Soundmax -

    There are alot of people who have their Audio working on notebook with Soundmax AC97. But when you plug Headphone in, the speakers keep playing...! Could someone please make a fix for this ? I have this problem on HP NX6120 Soundmax AC97 Audio.
  4. sound but no headphone socket

    Same Fxxking Proble! I'm trying to fix this for about 10 days now !
  5. I really want a fix for this ! :pirate2:
  6. Installer crashes randomly

    I should try downloading the ISO again, maybe even a different release.
  7. Anyone had any luck on an nc6000?

    I have NC6120 ,, Can run Leopard with ToH DVD But nothing fancy...
  8. What leo DVD would work for this?

    Guide to update your Hackingtosh : http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=45272
  9. Same problem, I really wanna fix rthis
  10. On my laptop, With AC97 Audio. When I plug my earphones in, I get soud trought speakers & Headphones at the same time... I really want to fix this... Because its annoying
  11. Leopard kernel panic images

    Same problem on my laptop. SSE2 Processor
  12. Well; I would be happy to test your release. I have a Rapidshare account, so if you could upload it there, that would be great. I have 3 Computers at home 2 Desktops & 1 laptop You can send me a PM with your contact info.
  13. Really great your back ! I think if you want to make a new release, then it should definatly be different then the others. Like better support for SSE2. And With the newest Kernels & EFI.
  14. What leo DVD would work for this?

    Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD and you'll do just fine.