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  1. Hi i didn manage to boot the Jas 10.5.4 iso in vm 6.5 beta....my computer has giga DS3L P35 and 2G ram,XP SP3,8600GT 256mb, the cpu is e2160(obviously no VT).so does that mean i don have the luck to use leo in vm? btw i have jas 10.5.4 installed on the same com with everything working, so i can still enjoy hackintosh...
  2. hi sorry im a noob in vmware based leo....but may i know what version of vmware u used for installation?i have 6.05 licensed vmware workstation.can i install leo in that? i will try to install jas 10.5.4 and let u know...
  3. yozyoz

    Kalyway has stuff missing 10.5.2

    dude did u just come back from mars?do u know how to fit the 6.3G leopard dual layer DVD image into a 4.6G DVD?