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  1. Stuck at FakeSMCKeyStore

    Yeah, that’s common sense I didn’t have. I sure will practice that from here on out. I will be a bigger fan of CCC after my failure at installing.
  2. Stuck at FakeSMCKeyStore

    Unable to Add or Edit.
  3. Stuck at FakeSMCKeyStore

    I’m unable to get to the desktop. Do you know how I can edit the DSDT from the Boot Manager?
  4. Stuck at FakeSMCKeyStore

    Thanks for replying. I’ll try that in 12 hours via Clover Boot Manager / Options.
  5. I’m trying to fresh install High Sierra to my M.2 SSD. I’ve been on the desktop but when I restart I’m back to this screen. It must be something in Clover Boot Manager that I’m not able to make permanent in Clover Configurator. Anybody have some idea? I'm in but I won't shut it down until I figure out what is causing my Hack to stick at FakeSMCKeyStore. Also, High Sierra on SATA II is, so far, slower than Sierra on M.2. FakeSNCKeyStore.pdf
  6. 1st I installed High Sierra on a secondary SATA II SSD and to my surprise I was able to get to it's desktop. I went back and forth from Sierra to High Sierra several times via the UEFI. Then I decided to update the apps on the Sierra drive (M.2) and upon reboot it gave me a Kernel Panic. I tried a few things in the Clover Boot Manager to no avail and for reasons unbeknownst to me, the machine was not able to see any files in Time Machine to Restore. Should I spend time to troubleshoot Sierra or should I use the USB Thumb drive to clean install High Sierra? I'm on the Internet via the High Sierra SSD. Update: I'm still unable to install on the M.2 drive. If I select that boot drive in the UEFI I get to Clover Boot Manager but there is no drive to choose. If I select the SATA II SSD drive in the UEFI I get to see the M.2 in Clover Boot Manager but the M.2 tells me "unable to..." and there's a restart button. I'm able to get to the desktop on the SATA II drive. It's very slow.
  7. Installing on SSD

    So were you attempting to install High Sierra on the 2nd SSD or did you upgrade to High Sierra on the main drive and use the 2nd drive to restore your main drive? I've been trying to installl High Sierra on my 2nd drive to no avail. How did your install go?
  8. Where do I start?

    After a few failed attempts to clean install High Sierra to a secondary SSD I'm considering upgrading my M2 SSD Sierra to High Sierra. What can I expect to happen to my OWC external FireWire RAID, platter drive files? I want to convert to APFS but I'm not confident that it won't corrupt files and documents. Does changing the file system affect files and docs?
  9. 10.12.6 (16G1114), 378.05.05.25f04 nvda_drv=1 (unchecked), NvidiaWeb (checked) After 5 Restarts I have no idea why the drivers won’t install. This is after I attempted to install High Sierra on a secondary SSD (SATA II). Edit: Booted up without doing anything and it finally took. It's like fishing for a rare fish. Sometime you snag it, sometimes it bites. Now it's back to attempting to install High Sierra to the secondary drive (SATA II SSD).
  10. Where do I start?

    It is.
  11. Where do I start?

    0000-1248 “For someone new to Hackintosh I reckon use Terminal.” This build was using a install thumb drive made from another Mac. I will try Terminal this time. Note that by using this method you need to install Clover or Chameleon onto the USB afterwards. Yes. That is also what I wanted to use. I wasn’t sure which version. Just make sure you don't have the High Sierra "Stub" application,... Thanks. I will confirm. Qwels I downloaded High Safari months ago. I want to install on my second SSD, not upgrade the Sierra SSD. I have all the updates to the OS. I want to install on the secondary SSD due to my RAID being a platter drive and I’m not confident the new file system won’t corrupt it some how. Plus, Sierra is, with the exception of self reboot after shutdown, is stable. I want High Sierra to be fully reliable and operational before moving it from SATA II SSD to PCI SSD.
  12. Where do I start?

    I've been on my Hackintosh for about 15 months from El Capitan to Sierra. Now I want to install High Sierra but can't find the installation page. I saw it yesterday but didn't bookmark it. I'm not even sure it was on this site. I have an available SATA II SSD, a flash drive, High Sierra OS (downloaded months ago), Chameleon 2.3 svn r2716 zip and Chameleon 2.4 svn r2877 pkg.zip. Please provide a step by step link. Thanks, Mikentosh
  13. Hackintosh not boot after Bios update

    The time was UTC because the time on MacOS, top right corner is correct.
  14. Cannot load the NVIDIA drivers in Sierra 10.12.5

    Also checking NVIDIA Web Drivers in Clover helped me.