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  1. ok, fixed the loading just with repairing permissions at terminal after deleting extensions.mkext.sudo -schown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensionschmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensionsstill no sound. and the codec drops still say * detected unsupported sigmatel codeci'm going to work hard on getting my own codec dump, any help much appreciated.ok sorry everyone.found the FAQ section on what i want, just think i need BBEdit to save the file in the right format.ALROight!!!sound works.thx to all. own codec dump had diff specs than that on taruga's dumps. i'll email him mine for others.or perhaps you can just alter the beginning of another dump?>?address: 2vendor id: 0x83847616Subsystem id: 0x1028022erevision id: 0x100201do not copy + paste that, formatting is off, but numbers correct. also do NOT format in notepad, needs to be in unix line break format, using bbedit or some such. i just did my own dump with knoppix live, obviously because i had no way to alter the existing dumps to some information i did not know.thanx to all for your help, i hope that i will help someone with an m1530.
  2. thx macgirl, i replaced my kext's with yours, but no luck. forgot to back mine up too, so now i'm reinstalling. It just states when I start that 'system extension cannot be used' 3 times, to inform me that alcinject.kext, applehda.kext/contents/plugins/IOHDAFamily.kext + appleHDAcontroller.kext are installed improperly. am i overthinking this??? it seems most ppl have just run the hda patcher v1.16, dropped in a codec dump and voila. basically i am using either kalyway or iATKOS, unzip the patcher on the desktop, drag in the codec, and no matter what it states that i have an unidentified/undeteced codec. Is there a FAQ on this? and also, is there an FAQ or guide to getting a linux dump? I just tried to run cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 mydump.txt and neither file is found or created. has anyone else had a problem with the taruga codec dumps? windows just states my card is a sigmatel 92xx, is it possible i have something diff. than the 9228? vendor and device id are identical. xps m1530 c2d t7500 2gb gef. 8600m gt 160gb 7200rpm s ata
  3. still no luck with the sound. not a single codec dump works for me. therefore, i am attempting to get my own codec dump with knoppix, if that doesn't work, I'll have to look into the kexts. All i know for sure is that both the iATKOS and Kalyway versions run fine on my machine, and neither allows me to install the appleHDA patch. perhaps my machine is diff. as i'm in canada?? highly doubt it. shipped from the u.s. ven id is 8384 and dev id is 7616, same as in the codec dumps. address is 0 in the dumps, could this be the problem? where would i find my address?
  4. Re: AUDIO Hi all, especially to those with the xps m1530 who have gotten it to work.. specifically... HOW?? It took me 2 days to get dual boot vista osx going with a working bootloader and have gotten video drivers, but my audio is non-existent. dell diagnostics says that it is a sigmatel stac 92xx. i have tried EVERY linux codec dump on taruga's appleHDA page that starts with 92...., so please don't point me there, and if so, also know i have dropped the dumps into versions 1.16 (as stated in the first thread on audio) and 1.20. Miraculously the azalia package has enabled the volume bar to appear, and songs can now play in iTunes, so some sort of audio device must be recognized as this was not true before, but it is not working. Admittedly, i am a n00b, but these posts and the internet resources out there have enabled me to get this far, i know i can finish it. Who has gotten the audio to work on a m1530? and what did you do? also, i'm not sure, but i think my reboot used to work until i installed the azalia pkg. anyone else?