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  1. resipsa

    Show your nix Oct desktop

    Nothing too special. My MacBook 2,1 running Arch with gnome 2.24
  2. You did a much job at explaining it ludacrisvp. I actually did decide to format the disk I am using for Vista MBR, and it worked far better. Vista is up and running with ahci. Thanks for the links to the drivers. If you're using an ubuntu live cd, you can also just type sudo gparted to bring up the partitioner too.
  3. Snappy2 Those fat partitions are the efi partitions that are created when you format a disk using the guid partition scheme. I know that's not particularly helpful, but I'm curious about how to handle those partitions as well. Although things went well with linux, it all went to hell when I tried to triple boot with Vista. So, I'm wondering if I should format a disk using mbr rather than guid, and try yet again. Good luck and don't drive yourself too crazy.
  4. Hi ludacrisvp, First, I want to say thank you for putting the time and effort into this. So I have a couple quick questions. Will the grub stages that you patched only work with the version of grub included with ubuntu hardy (8.04.1)? Also, does it matter specifically if grub is installed on a fat partition, considering refit is able to see ext2 partitions just fine? UPDATE: I got it working with the ubuntu 8.10 rc (although I'm not entirely sure how). To answer my own questions: 1) the version of grub on on the ubuntu 8.10 amd64 iso works fine. 2) the stages can be on an ext2 partition. UPDATE: After several hours and many stupid mistakes on my part, I'm finally triple booting OS X, Ubuntu 8.10, and Vista x64 with AHCI working. (Now I just need to avoid breaking it). Thanks again.
  5. Working on Sony Vaio vgn-fe880e. Thanks.