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  1. Making a Username help

    i cant even log in to my mac. I have to do it from -s mode
  2. Making a Username help

    I need to know how to make a user name in -s mode. For some reason everytime i try to make a root password by typing in passwd it says something about the 'root' user name doing something. It wont let me input it so i just need to make a user for it.
  3. acer sound ports?

    is there a kext file or driver for the front sound and microphone ports? i have an acer 5570z
  4. acer microphone jack?

    is there a driver that lets my sound jacks work? i have an acer aspire 5570z. neither of my headphone or input microphone jack work. anyone know if there is one and could direct me to it i would much thank you for the help.
  5. I have an orange clam shell G3 iBook. I am wanting to know if it is capable of playing divx movies or xvid? I also want to know if it is capable of working on a windows xp network so it can get to the movies on my network? Does anyone know. Also it is running osx tiger.