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    [Guide] Asus P5Q-EM

    Soo, does it work?
  2. It seems like the A205 and similar models have a second set of HDD connectors only if two HDD's are installed from the factory. You can clearly see in this picture where the connectors should be soldered, dunno if it's possible to it yourself. From this review.
  3. photek

    My findings about ad1981hd on hp

    Yup, speakers work on my nx9420. OFFTOPIC: Since nx8420, nc8430 and nx9420 users are watching this, can you recommend a good working ATI X1600 driver? I'm using this one (post 9), but the display stops working if it turns off (close lid, turns off when idle) No S-Video either. Well maybe I'm asking for too much.
  4. thevoiceover: Can you post your boot.plist? How come some people can't get dual core working, unlike thevoiceover? Is it a question of which version you use, Tiger or Leo? Good to see that there's a solution for the speakers.
  5. photek

    How to find the exact name of sound card?

    In device manager, open the device and look in the information tab. You'll find a model number in most of the cases, scroll down if you have to. Otherwise you can probably search for it. For instance, many HP computer specs can be found here, or by searching for model number quickspecs, like this. Dunno about other models, but it doesn't seem that hard. USE GOOGLE!!!!!! A search for Gateway MT6840 sigmatel in Google gives me this link, who tells me that the audio chip model number is SigmaTel 9250. Dunno if it's correct, I'm just saying that you probably can figure this out by yourself.
  6. photek

    My findings about ad1981hd on hp

    Do you mean enabling in BIOS only, or doing it like this guy did on the quite similar HP Nc8430?
  7. photek

    sound on hp compaq nx7300

    The Nx7300 have ADI1981HD audio chip, look here
  8. photek

    Analog devices SoundMax AD1981HD on HP notebooks

    Ok, thanks BlackCH. Have anyone got this working? I don't get it if it's a workarund for the mute button issue or what?
  9. photek

    Analog devices SoundMax AD1981HD on HP notebooks

    The Quick Launch Buttons application have nothing to do with the mute button. The only thing that app does for the audio is to add the on screen volume meter. The sound works immediately in newer versions of Ubuntu, SuSE it seems, and probaly Debian and some more. HP DV computers with Conextant audio works. They got their driver made from a Linux driver. I'm not saying that they work the same way as the N series, but who knows? Differnet audio chip, buttons working in the same way, maybe? Dunno if those even have mute buttons, with or without a LED. Not many of us would even realize that it's the mute buttons fault if there was no LED placed there that was on all the time. My testing with Nx9420 in XP: 1 - Uninstalled the AD driver and rebooted, now suddently the mute is always on just like in OS X. It's never always on after doing a fresh XP install with no audio driver. 2 - Reinstalled the AD driver, and then uninstalled again, never needed a reboot. Mute is always off, and I can hear system beeps. At first I thougt that OS X needed the generic drivers for PC keyboards with mute button, so I installed two different ones. No luck. Then I remembered that the mute button is wired separately and has nothing to do with the keyboard. That's maybe a part of the problem, OS X usually recognises the mute button on PC keyboard, but on HP N laptops it's not on the keyboard. . . I know it's a very long shot, but have anyone used a PC keyboard with a mute button and tried to shut it off? I don't have one with USB.