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  1. hot hatch

    iPhone Software Update 2.0 + Mar6 Roundup

    I agree, especially since you can use AIM from any jabber client now. edit: I've been downloading this thing all day, still half an hour to go
  2. hot hatch

    I Never Thought I'd See the Day...

    The webkit engine is crossplatform, even if it goes by different names (not safari) on linux and mobile devices.
  3. hot hatch

    Demograph of Members

    28/m/os x, wait am i on a computer site or in an adult chatroom
  4. hot hatch

    iPhone or iMac?

    $400 is easier for you to come up with on your own than $1200+, therefore keep the imac
  5. hot hatch

    P2P on the iPhone

    I think I'd rather watch paint dry than wait for a torrent to finish over an edge connection
  6. hot hatch

    Our top 10 Mac softwares

    1. Safari/Webkit 2. iChat 3. Mail 4. iTunes 5. iPhoto 6. iCal 7. Photoshop 8. Transmission 9. TVShows 10. VisualHub
  7. hot hatch

    Think mini

    I have a mini and for what I need (web development, chat, music, office stuff, email) it works great. My job doesn't require a top of the line machine and the mini's plenty fast for what I make it do. Hell, the core 2 duo is way faster than the 2ghz P4 I was using for daily work up until late last year so I'm more than happy.
  8. old people do that to anyone remotely close to their kid's age, god i hope i'm not like that in 30 years
  9. hot hatch

    InsanelyMac. Version 1.0.1.

    Search the forums
  10. hot hatch

    Lucid Dreaming

    i've never lost my memory while stoned and conscious and weed's just a stupid fine around here, you're not going to jail unless your house is full of plants
  11. hot hatch

    What to buy...

    45nm (Penryn) vs 65nm (SR) processors, SSE4 available for Penryn, some better battery life, and the penryn MBPs have multitouch. The biggest factor there right now is multitouch. SSE4 might become more important as video apps improve with time.
  12. hot hatch

    Lucid Dreaming

    it's funny, my weed habit means I usually don't dream anymore (or I never remember them). I get some crazy dreams when i stop smoking for a week or two though
  13. hot hatch

    Adobe Pushes DRM for Flash

    you never visit youtube? (or dailymotion or youporn etc)