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  1. Mi Expereiencia con Leopard

    gente tengo un problema!!! ayuda por favor!!! me baje el torrent del leopard ToH_x86_9A581_RC2.iso.1267304.SN.torrent y cuando lo esta instalando me tira un error que dice que no puede validar los Esentials...estara mal el ISO???? sino de donde lo puedo bajar!??? el demonio verde esta caido...algun otro lado??? dejo mi mail por si me pueden ayudar pabloide86@hotmail.com
  2. Is Leapord Turning into Vista

    it seems like you are a bill gates fun...go to kiss his ass!! we know that Vista is something "new" but I think that all we waited for something more efficient and with less resources consumption but everything what we received is a thirsty beast of memory and CPU(babel fish traduction...im from argentina sorry ) why I would have to spend my resources in the operating system if what I need they are the applications? if only the operating system consumes 1gb of ram how much is for the rest of the applications? I understand that Apple is not perfect but I believe that Apple worries more about the quality and its clients more than Microsoft. I think that you are right when you say that leopard will never come close to Vista because something that has quality from its core never can get to be as bad as Vista!!! I have proven Windows Vista and MacOS X Tiger(10.4.8) and between these two I stay with Tiger(in my celeron d 2.26ghz, 512mb ram and fx5200 qith qe/ci)
  3. sorry...didnt know that...thanks anyway
  4. Crossover problems

    i have the same error...and also have natit/titan on a FX5200...i want counter strike!!! any ideas!?
  5. i have the same error! the bottle looks fine but when i try to run counter strike 1.6 nothing happens...any ideas!???
  6. help with crossover

    please i need help with crossover!!! when i create a new bottle i get this error: Unhandled read faul on read access to 0x00005a80 at address 0x59b00213 any ideas!? i installed the 6.0.1 demo version from the website...i have tiger 10.4.8 (8.8.1) im trying to install counter strike 1.6 but nothing happens when i open it...please need help!!!
  7. ac97audio kext in osx 10.4.3

    hi...i have an asrock p4vm8 with cmedia 9761 audio and i have the left channel working with the ac97 kext...any solution for stereo sound'??
  8. i have a cmedia 9761 sound in a asrock p4vm800 and i have only the left channel working...how can i fix it?? i have the ac97 kext loaded...any ideas?
  9. Sound only coming through 1 speaker

    i have the same problem...i have an asrock p4vm8 with cmedia 9761...works with ac97 kext but i have only the left channel working...any ideas??
  10. trouble with audio

    i have the same onboard audio and i can only get the left channel working...any ideas?
  11. i have the same onboard and i get sound but only the left speaker works...any help on this?
  12. 9739a issues

    i have the same mobo!! please help us!!! it says AC97 but i cant make it work...
  13. hello i'm pablo from argentina(sorry, my english sucks!) i have a MSI 865 PE Neo 2v (S478) mobo with a Celeron D 2,56ghz and 512mb ddr400 and a Nvidia fx 5200 128mb agp and i have JaS 10.4.8 fully working with qe & ci...it has an onboard realtek 8139 ethernet and i have another realtek rtl8139 pci card for internet sharing with my other pc... the onboard ethernet is working native but i cant get the pci rtl 8139 working...any ideas???
  14. How to get 8.8.1/10.4.8 SSE2 for Intel/AMD

    could this work on an sse3 machine?? i have a celeron D proccesor wich have sse2 and sse3 support