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    alienware15r2 ,sleep but can't wake! need help!

    10.13.4 and Smbios is MacBook pro13.3
  2. a57135713

    alienware15r2 ,sleep but can't wake! need help!

    ok, thank you all the same. It seems now I can just wait for him
  3. a57135713

    alienware15r2 ,sleep but can't wake! need help!

    I tried to use a clean dsdt, the AppleLPC can't work, but the X86PlatformEnable can work well. and in this situation the laptop can sleep but after that it will wake by itself with fan/keyboard/screen。(though it has a problem,but at least the screen can work) in order to load the AppleLPC, I use the SkylakeLPC patch in the dsdt, then it become just the same as yesterday (fan/keyboard can wake but the screen can't) so I think maybe there's something wrong with the SkylakeLPC patch?
  4. a57135713

    alienware15r2 ,sleep but can't wake! need help!

    thanks for your reply! here's my output files ! OUTPUT
  5. a57135713

    HP Elitebook 8460P - Power source: Power Adapter

    i have the same problem
  6. alienware15r2,cpu is i7 6700HQ can sleep , the screen will shut down very quick and fan/keyboard/mouse will remain about 30s and then off. can only wake by power button but not keyboard or mouse, and after i click the button, the mouse and keyboard's RGB will be light , fan run normally, HDD's light flash a very little moment , but the screen doesn't work at all. and i have to restart the laptop by holding the power button already check the system.log, can't find out wake reason already run appleLPC and X86platform sorry for my poor english here's my DSDT and config.plist DSDT.aml config.plist