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  1. Hi All, sorry for posting this topic again & again, right now i already have sound (only 2 channel sound using azalia codec) but on my mobo got 6 channel, i cannot use all of the port including the coax, so i need somebody to help me out, i already install HDAEnable.kext & ALCinject.kext but when i restart the pc it come to panic & cannot log in and have to reinstall back OS86( right now using iDeneb 10.5.5), on my system profiler right now not showing anything, please somebody help me..... thanks in advance
  2. GA EP45-DS3 - iDENEB Installation

    hi all, just to share that my GA EP45-DS3 install with iDENEB 10.5.5 everything work like a charm only my sound give me 2 sound only not HD quality sound, any solution? right now i'm using AZALIA as i link here. Thanks in advanve
  3. WTB G5 Casing with dual DVD layout

    thanks for the info
  4. GA EP45-DS3 - iDENEB Installation

    new news sleep work & when boot up have to push on power button, right now using slim apple keyboard. another good news, suddenly the shutdown is working after update the software p/s:still on try & error
  5. hi all, just wondering if somebody want to sell G5 Casing (empty) ship to malaysia. p/s: include me the price & shipping cost to malaysia thanks in advance
  6. GA EP45-DS3 - iDENEB Installation

    hi Ducko, nice to hear that u want to buy GA EP45-DS3, right now i already manage to install IDENEB after try kalway 10.5.1 (1st try run smoothly but intend to try IDENEB), IDENEB 10.5.4 run smoothly right now (typing on it ), for your question: SATA All works Sound works but no information firewire ports works USB ports all works LAN works but not try it coz i'm using usb broadband Dual Booting works sleep (work & when boot up push power button coz using slim apple keyboard) restart (work) shutdown (work after updating software) here is the PIC: for sound ALC889A use AZALIA as attach : Azalia.zip thats all for now, i have to testing this motherboard, if anything i will post back
  7. GA EP45-DS3 - iDENEB Installation

    hi all, good news , right now i can dual booting to vista and hackintosh by reinstall vista (32bit) on achi enable, right now hac dont have sound, cannot sleep/shutdown/restart and cannot update, install FCP2/CS3 master collection and others run great can anybody help me on:- sound sleep restart shutdown update to 5.5 thanks in advance MOBO SPEC GA EP45-DS3 (KALWAY 5.0.1) Cooler Master 500wt PROCESSOR: Q6600 2.4ghz - 3.0 ghz (OC) XIGMA (red scorpion) Air Cooling System NvIDIA GeForce 256 7600gt dual DVI 8GB Ram (dual Boot Using EasyBCD 1.7.2) 1 X Sata DVDRW 2 X IDE DVDRW 200 ACHI Sata enable (vista (32bit)) 200 ACHI sata enable (Kalway 5.0.1) Lan Works (OB)
  8. GA EP45-DS3 - iDENEB Installation

    hi OldPoem i try your suggestion but still no luck, for now i just follow JaE-V suggestion, any solution for me? thank in advance
  9. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    hi all, need help on installing on this new mobo: im trying to instal kalway on my new mobo GA EP45-DS3, but i cannot dual boot to vista after i enable ACHI, my audio also not working, lan ok for time & other, just wondering if somebody can help me on this new MOBO from GIGABYTES? last time when i install to ASUS P5K everything going well (dual booting) thanks in advance MY SPEC: GA EP45-DS3 GIGABYTES Motherboard1 GIGABYTES Motherboard2 Q6600 2.4ghz - 3.00ghz quad 8gb ram 256 dual DVI 7600GT 200gb sata VISTA (install) 200gb sata hackintosh (kalway)
  10. hi there, i need some help on installing on GA EP45-DS3, i manage to install (kalway 5.0 then update to 5.3), but i need to enable ACHI right? when i enable ACHI i cannot boot on window, can anybody help me? All ok when i install only sound not working for right now MY SPEC: MOBO:GIGABYTES GA EP45-DS3 HD: SATA 200gb RAM: Kingston 6gb PROC: Q6600 2.4ghz (QUAD) GRAPHIC CARD:NvIDIA 256 7300GT thanks in advance