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  1. Linksys WMP54G wireless PCI card

    JHO - You have the exact same card I do. And no it's not a Broadcom, it's a RaLink Tech, just like Jimmsta posted. The drivers are indeed at: http://www.ralinktech.com/supp-1.htm This is where I downloaded and install the drivers for my SuSE Linux 10.1 for my WMP54g ver. 4, and it worked great! I don't know for sure what your problem is but it might be the same as mine, as I did download the OS X drivers for the card but they aren't working. I believe this is because OS X isn't seeing the PCI card. The reason I feel like this is because I cannot see the card in the system profiler. So my guess is that the PCI bridge isn't properly supported. I'm running a Shuttle motherboard with a nForce 3 250 chip on it. Does anyone know any thing about supporting that chipset or fixing the PCI bus issue.
  2. OSx Will not boot

    Thank you Blas for your reply! I have tried: Use an older MacOSX dvd like 10.4.4 (installation mode) and use the Disk Utility. (didn't work) Use 10.4.x (installation mode) to set as the Boot Unity the disk (you can do it quicky entering the setup and qquiting, then the installer ask if you want to resart or set a Boot Disk) (didn't work) Use 10.4.x and press F8 to have the entry mode and put: 'mount /Volumes/yourHardDiskName -setBoot' (didn't work) I have tried to use my SuSE 10.1 linux disc, and I don't see how to use it to set the partition active. I no longer have my Win98 CD, so I can't personally test that one. So I guess I'll have to look into the Emergency Boot CD method. Thank you so much for providing a link!!! I had no idea what he was talking about.
  3. Installing OSX86 Problem

    another thing that could cause that is if you didn't have SSE2 support, or if you didn't have SSE3 support and install disc didn't have the SSE2 patch on it. However seeing as you have a Core Duo, you should have everything up to SSE4, so you should be in good shape there. I mostly point this out for other people who are having this issue and are trying it on a Athlon XP or something. What is the name of the ISO you downloaded? I do believe there is a good possibility that you got a bad distribution. But do make sure you try this with the '-v' option so that you can see the text read out as to what's actually going on. That go with any kind of boot problem one might run into.
  4. OSx Will not boot

    Not sure if the above comment was directed at me or the guy who posted before me. If it was to me I think I was slightly misunderstood... I'm not running Windows... So no "Alchohol" (sic) or Nero. The only OS on the PC is OS X 10.4.6 at this point. Farther, I am a Mac user. I have a Dual G5, and a iBook G4, in addition to my Athlon 64 that I'm trying to get this to work on. (Just incase that's useful to know.) Not sure what you mean by "the emergency boot cd". The JaS install DVD boots just fine, and I can use the terminal from there if need be. Also as I stated above with the use of the JaS DVD I can get the installed OS on the HD to boot, it just won't boot independent of the DVD, just gives a b0 error. I also don't what this "boot mananger" (sic) thing is. Are there any commands that can be issued from the OS X terminal to clear this problem up? Thank you very much for you help and effort in this!
  5. Installing OSX86 Problem

    I'm sure there are many with a lot more to offer than me, but the post is pretty vague, hard to determine the problem, but I'll try to offer what I can. Try booting with the " -v " option turned on, and see what the hang up is. Are you trying to boot from a disc to install, or do you have it installed already on the HD and your trying to start the system? If it has already been installed, my first bet would be it needs to be reinstalled. The little crossed out Apple thing usually indicates a corrupt system. I don't know if you're trying to dual boot, or how you're going about the setup. But I think the easiest way to get the system up and going would be to do a fresh install from a bootable DVD. If you are trying to boot the install disc and it's doing that, you need to either re-burn the disc because there was an error when you first did it, or you need to find a new installation disc. Anyway, that's my two cents.
  6. OSx Will not boot

    I'm having the same b0 problem after installing 10.4.6 with the JaS DVD. The odd thing is that if I leave the DVD in the drive, and let it count down from eight and I don't do anything it'll boot! I would like to figure out how to get it to boot without having to leave the installation disc in the driver however. I'm not sure what you guys mean by using fdisk to set the partition active. Are you talking about the M$ DOS fdisk, of the OS X fdisk. I'm not sure how to get the OS X fdisk to do that. I run it as #fdisk dev/disk0s1 and it says the device is busy. To be honest I have never used the fdisk program supplied with OS X. So any help with that would be much appreciated! At this point I would like to point out that I'm not sure how the partition is not being set active. I install from the original 10.4.1, and used disk utility to partition and format my HD, and it booted fine. Not sure why all of a sudden 10.4.6's partition wouldn't be set active...