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  1. I had no problems with my 9800GT 1GB and GA-P55-USB3. I'm using a DSDT.aml specific for my mobo that I got from tonymacx86's site.
  2. My Lion install has been working fine since release, but today I tried to hook up my 1080p tv to my video cards second DVI output. Upon connecting it, I opened System Prefs and went to Displays and clicked 'Detect Displays". The computer froze, didn't display a kernel panic, just froze completely. So I rebooted with the tv not connected. It booted, but my dock was back to the stock apps and finder wouldn't respond. Rebooted again, and now I'm stuck at the [PCI configuration begin] screen. I've tried -x -v -r -F but nothing gets past the screen. Any suggestions? This is an i5 setup with a 9800GT.
  3. Preferences not saving

    Do I need to set some kind of permissions or something? Both of these utilities reset on reboot or sleep. Not a huge problem, just kind of annoying to have to change their settings every time.
  4. WiFi-Stick for Lion?

    The Netgear WG111v3 works. Must use the 10.4 installer from their site. EDIT: Should mention I'm running 32bit
  5. Guitar Hero 3 App

    Cubric, I'm on a 2.2ghz MBP with 4gb RAM and the 128vcard. errandwolfe, tried that and I get a no disc error even though I have my PC disc in. I guess its looking for mac specific files on the disc. Colonel, yeah the versions out now are the hybrid version. The PC version came out about 2 months before the Mac one was done.
  6. Guitar Hero 3 App

    Anywhere I can find just the .app file for guitar hero 3? I have the pc version of the game, but it didn't include the Mac software. I would think the Mac version is just the PC version wrapped in Cider, so I'm just looking for the necessary Mac files to play it on my Macbook Pro. Thanks for any help.